Nothing Will Make You Happier than These Bob Ross Facts

Remember Bob Ross? He was the guy with the big afro that would be on TV talking about ‘happy little trees’ now and then as he showed you just how fun and engaging painting could be. He passed away back in 1995 but his show and his presence has still been felt in pop culture ever since then. It’s funny really, he didn’t come on that often and he was ridiculed a lot for his show, but he’s still an important part of American culture largely because he just kept on doing what he loved. There’s a lesson there.

Can you really see this man yelling at anyone? He took his own words to heart it would seem, but I don’t think I’d want to see his bad side.

Bob was definitely a pleaser and listened his fans on a pretty regular basis. Plus he knew how to give people what they wanted to see.

He definitely had his own style. He was still rocking the afro when it had gone out of style and before it came back in. The guy just knew what he wanted to do and went with it.

I know I had no idea that he’d passed away so long ago, but the reruns would explain why he never aged that much after a while. Some people might have just figured that he retired.

There’s nothing wrong with that really, his paintings were always about a natural landscape that looked untouched in most ways by mankind.

I’m really hoping that there’s another picture of Bob holding up a squirrel, because otherwise the guy captioning the picture needs a lesson in wildlife.

That is A LOT of painting. I wonder what his paintings are worth at this point? You would think his being an icon would make them worth a pretty penny.

Gotta love his devotion to his craft and in keeping up the signature look. He didn’t want to disappoint his fans it seems.

It was so much more fun just to watch him and take some joy from the fact that he was so in to what he was doing to be honest.

He was a student of the craft to be certain, and there were few out there that could prove they were better than him.

So he didn’t invent it, but you could kind of say that he re-invented it and gave the style a new look and a new life that allowed it to breathe and continue.

I will say it again. That is A LOT of paintings.

I am literally laughing at the final part of this quote. Bob was a wise man, a wise, wise man.

One thing you can say about Bob is that he was very thorough and didn’t just fly by the seat of his pants.

Wow. Talk about some serious altruism when it came to his paintings. But I suppose if he did well enough selling supplies he wouldn’t need to sell his paintings.

That would take a lot of dedication to keep up a hairstyle that you really didn’t like. You would think the wig idea would have come a lot sooner so he could actually enjoy himself after a shoot.

I’m sure he found a way to adapt to the difference so that he wouldn’t upset his palette.

I think that kind of speaks for itself.

Bob Ross was a special kind of guy.


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