No, Julia Stiles is Not Transgender and Stop Asking

For the most part the idea of Julia Stiles being transgender is nothing more than clickbait that people seem to love spreading around and is based on nothing more than misguided opinions that are the product of those that are bored and need something to do. One thing you can rely on the internet for, out of the many things that it’s used for, is that people will spread rumors and gossip in a way that makes a wildfire on an open, dry plain look absolutely sluggish. Seriously, a cascading avalanche is slow compared to rumors that are spread on the internet and across social media, and Julia Stiles being transgender is one of those that has made its way around a few dozen times by now. The only confusing thing is why it’s still there when the proof has already been made clear. She’s not transgender, not now, not ever.

Despite the fact that there are steps being taken to insure that transgender women, meaning those whose birth records read as male even though they now identify as female, can carry children, the medical science is still far behind the expectations. That right there would be a big red flag against Stiles being a transgender woman since she gave birth to her child in October of 2017. So unless there’s some shady dealing going on behind the scenes, doubtful, she’s all woman considering that right at this moment switching men and women reproductive organs is just not a thing. No matter what people identify with they’re typically born with one set of equipment or the other and as a result tend to be stuck with that same equipment until somewhere down the line they decide to do something with it. Julia obviously wanted a family and since the time she was old enough identify as anything she’s been all female, all the time, so it would be better if people finally set this rumor to rest.

For anyone that doubts this go and watch her movies, watch how she moves, and watch for anything, ANYTHING, that could possibly suggest she is not 100 percent female. There would of course be doubters that would seem awfully convincing when stating that a transgender woman could be very good at hiding anything that might stick out about her, and they might make people believe that due to the reaction from those that wouldn’t understand Julia could have gotten very good at hiding it. But picture this, there are no medical records that state that she’s anything other than female. She’s had a child. She is about as feminine as it gets in the most wonderful and non-perverted ways, and there’s nothing to suggest that she’s transgender in any way. Clickbait is there for a reason, to engage people and distract them from what is real, and it does a great job obviously.

But to any and all that think she might be transgender, do the research and understand that a transgender woman cannot have a baby at this time unless she’s transitioning from female to male and has kept everything intact along with her hormones. People need to think before believing everything they read.

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