10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tommy Unold

TikTok has changed the dynamic of work for many kids who are in their late teens. It’s made it possible for these kids to become famous doing nothing more than sharing videos of themselves on the internet, move into houses with other social media personalities, and live their lives having fun and not having any responsibilities while sharing with the world. It’s been the thing that’s made Tommy Unold’s entire life change in the past few years, and his fans want to know more about him.

1. He is Young

Tommy Unold was born in 2001. His date of birth is June 1, 2001, and he was born in California. He and his parents are very close. He’s featured both his mom and his dad in his social media content in the past, and he appears to have a great relationship with both.

2. He Did Not Grow Up in California

While he was born in California, his family did not stay put for long. He actually grew up in a small town in Michigan. He attended high school there. He graduated from Mattawan High School. Fortunately, he graduated in May of 2019, so he is officially the last graduating high school class to have a normal year under his belt.

3. He is Athletic

He’s a young man who enjoys playing sports. He plays golf with his father, though he does not appear to play professionally in any capacity. He plays golf for fun. However, he did play basketball in high school on a more serious note. He was part of the team, and it was his game. Rumor has it that he was quite good on the court.

4. He Has Millions of Followers

Across his TikTok and his Instagram profiles, he has millions of viewers. He also has tens of millions of likes on all his content. He is most famous for sharing videos he makes in which he interviews people and puts the interviews together to make a fun video. His fans love it.

5. He is Very Private

Tommy Unold doesn’t do the personal life discussion situation online. He also doesn’t have any reason to want to share with people what is going on in his private life. He’s had enough fame with his videos and shared content, and he doesn’t feel that the world needs to know every little thing about him.

6. He is Very Close to his Younger Sister

He has a younger sister named Ally, and he appears to be her biggest fan. He shares many photos of her on his Instagram feed, and he regularly calls her the coolest person he knows. He is there for her, he spends a lot of quality time with her, and he is very close to her. They don’t appear to be close in age at all, but they do seem very sweet together.

7. He Travels Often

Aside from spending time with his family in Michigan, his social media platforms show him regularly places like California and Florida. He has been photographed at hotels in Orlando and Fort Meyers, and he’s always in California for work.

8. He’s Doing Well

The internet estimates that Tommy Unold is doing well in life. He’s only 20, but it appears he’s already amassed an impressive net worth of around $1 million to $5 million. That’s not bad for a kid who graduated high school only two years ago and had a completely different life plan.

9. He Acted in High School

When he was not busy playing basketball in high school, he took some time to focus on his acting skills. He was part of the drama program that put on a performance of “Get Smart,” which is a television show adaptation that he performed in when he was still in school. We imagine that went over quite well with those who came to see the show.

10. He Enjoys Hanging out With Friends

Most of his social media photos show him either hanging out with his sister and parents, or it shows him hanging out with his friends. It seems to us that he is close to those in his life that meet these criteria. He seems to have a good time with both, and he is good at poking fun of himself. His captions are often hilarious, and he seems to be living his best life. He’s on top of his game right now, so why shouldn’t he be doing just that now?

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