10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kameron Lester

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kameron Lester

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kameron Lester

Kameron Lester is a popular YouTuber who is best-known for his ability to beat a face. Over the last few years, he has been consistently growing his fan base, and it’s not hard to see why he has become such a big hit. Not only does he have some serious makeup skills and skincare knowledge, but his personality and good energy continue to be a big draw for people all over the world. He has also used his platform to spread information on various topics. Even though he has thousands of followers, Kameron still manages to make it feel like he’s connecting with each person individually. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Kameron Lester.

1. He Accused Jeffree Star Of Racism

Recently, Kameron has found himself at the center of attention in several blog posts. In an Instagram Live video, Kameron accused Jeffree Star of  treating him like “the token black kid”. He continued to say, “I felt like [Jeffree] was trying to send the message in some way that I was replaceable as a Black boy. I felt like this was a game. Even with Shane Dawson posting me on his platform… I was grateful, but I felt like it was kind of to silence me to be like ‘We’re gonna keep giving you breadcrumbs and hanging you by a string and manipulating you so you can stay quiet.’ I felt always silenced.” Unfortunately for Jeffree, this isn’t the first time someone accused him of being racist.

2. He Was Diagnosed With HIV

When Kameron was just 20-years-old, he found out that he was HIV positive. He was initially scared to share the diagnosis with anyone and even avoided going to doctor’s appointments. Eventually, he was able to build up the courage to share his truth and he posted a video on his YouTube channel to explain his situation.

3. He Was Homeless

Lots of people think homelessness is the type of thing that only happens to certain kind of people. However, the truth is that most people are much closer to homelessness than they realize. Kameron learned this first hand in 2018 after one of his former roommates felt behind on rent payments which resulted in him being evicted.

4. He’s A Brand Ambassador

Having lots of followers on social media isn’t just a popularity contest, it can also turn into a way to make money. Thanks to all of the popularity he’s gained on social media, Kameron has been able to build relationships with some major brands in the beauty industry. He has worked with brands like NYX and Belif.

5. He Has A Close Relationship With His Brother

Being a big brother is a big responsibility, and it’s one that Kameron takes very seriously. He has a close relationship with his younger brother who has even been featured in a couple of his YouTube videos. When Kameron was still living at home in Texas, he would often pick his little brother up from school.

6. He Considers YouTube Like His Journal

Kameron enjoys being open and honest with his YouTube subscribers. He says, “Sometimes I feel like my camera, my YouTube is like a journal. Even though it might look like it’s been the worst year for me, I’ve learned so much, I’ve jumped so many hurdles and just got right back up. I like to share that. People think social media is all glamorous, but I like to show good and bad on my channel.”

7. He Hopes To Inspire Others

Kameron loves sharing beauty and skin care tips on social media, but that isn’t the only thing he’s interested in. He loves using his platform to spread knowledge and awareness. He hopes that the transparency he provides on social media will inspire others who may be trying to overcome the same situations he’s been in.

8. He Is Grateful For His Fan Base

Kameron has gone through some of the lowest points of his life in front of all of his followers. Although he has never met many of his supporters in person, they have chipped in to help when he needed it the most. Not only have his followers provided emotional support, but some have even donated money.

9. He Supports Black Lives Matter

Racial tension in the United States has always been high, but it reached a boiling point after George Floyd was murdered by a member of the Minneaopolis Police Department. Since then, people across the world have protested to fight against police brutality and injustice. Like many other people with large platforms, Kameron Lester has shown his support for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

10. He Has An Impressive Instagram Following

Kameron is best known for his YouTube channel where he has over 56,000 subscribers and more than two million views. However, that isn’t the platform where he’s built up a strong following. He also has a strong Instagram following that includes over 60,000 people.

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