10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nicole Franzel

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nicole Franzel

It’s hard to talk about reality stars with anything but a big dollop of skepticism to top everything off since there are those that are worth the effort to build up and then there are those that happen to think that they’re God’s gift to TV and don’t seem to care how they’re presented. Nicole Franzel seems to be somewhere in the middle since she is quite competitive but at the same time she’s not so horrible that people want her gone. In fact it’s been seen that a lot of folks wanted to see her stay on the show Big Brother more than not since she was the attractive, slightly nerdy girl that knew how to compete with everyone else and knew how to work things to her advantage. In other words she was good for TV and was able to convince other people of this as well. Thankfully for her and those that like to watch her this is what helps to make a reality star and the kind of TV that people want to watch over and over.

Here are a few things about Nicole you might not have known.

10.  Most of her fame has to do with the show Big Brother.

This seems pretty obvious but it needs to be said since she’s been on a couple of other shows during her time but hasn’t really found a big audience as she did on this show. This is where she tends to shine the most and has really built up a reputation.

9. It’s easy to see that she’s quite popular on social media.

It also sounds as though she’s pretty friendly with people on social media and has created a great reputation for herself. It’s one thing to seem like a person that will do anything to win on the show but it’s definitely important to let people know that she’s approachable otherwise.

8. Nicole is a big lover of pulling pranks on others.

She’s the type that loves to trick people in a good-natured way, depending on how you look at it, and enjoys getting a rise out of people now and again. To be honest there’s nothing wrong with a good prank so long as the other person can laugh too at some point.

7. Just like a lot of people that want to win Big Brother she’s a little shifty.

It’s a bit difficult to tell just how much of this is done for the show and how much is her actual personality since reality TV tends to take things to a different level that a lot of people don’t always realize. But one thing is clear, she does know how to win.

6. Nicole isn’t a big fan of heights or surgical procedures.

She has a few different things that she’s afraid of but heights and surgery seem to be two of the biggest. Acrophobia is a rather prominent fear among many people that tends to develop in varying degrees, though surgical procedures could become a fear after having some experience with it or having known someone that went through such a thing.

5. She was thinking of being on Big Brother since she was eight years old.

Being in her twenties it shows just how long the show has been running, but it was a childhood dream that was finally realized as it allowed her to experience the kind of life she’d been wanting for a long time.

4. During Big Brother 16 she was the second youngest contestant on the show.

It feels safe to say that she would have auditioned a lot earlier if she could since she’s been a fan of the show for so long. There are rules and regulations to the show that would have prevented this, but at the same time she was chomping at the bit to get on the show and finally found herself on TV.

3. She was seen as one of the most competitive threats in the house during her tenure.

There’s no other way to say it, Nicole knew how to make alliances and she knew how to get what she wanted in a way that was a serious threat to the dominance of the others in the house, and it kind of went without saying that she was a person that others felt the need to eliminate whenever they could. Of course it still wasn’t that easy since she stuck around for a while.

2. Nicole became an ER nurse in college.

You could argue that this makes her a much more compassionate person than some might have thought she was on the show, but above all it does mean that she’s very goal-oriented and driven person since she knows to achieve what she desires.

1. Her net worth is around $400,000.

For a reality star that seems like it might be pretty good, though it also seems that she might be able to bump up those numbers if she keeps on doing what she’s done.

Reality stars are kind of difficult to gauge sometimes.

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