A New Willy Wonka Movie is Coming from the Director of “Paddington”.

It seems like the film industry isn’t done with Willy Wonka just yet as a new movie is supposedly in the works, using the director of Paddington as its guide. Paul King, the man responsible for the success of Paddington 2, is being talked to about creating a story based off of a script that seemingly predates the original story of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. As you all might remember, if you watched them, the two movies that came about because of the original book were heavily criticized though only one of them was ever really successful. The 1971 film starring Gene Wilder as the eccentric candy man was the most beloved of the two versions that has been seen to date. Unfortunately the Johnny Depp version was seen as just weird and not all that appealing.

This new movie would delve into Wonka’s past however and would predate the original movie, seeking another adventure upon which Willy Wonka would embark on his path towards becoming a world-famous candy maker. What it would be about still isn’t known, in fact not even the actors are known at this point. All that exists is the script and the possibility that Peter King will be on board to direct. That should be enough to go on, right? One would certainly hope so since it seems like a very thin piece of nothing at this point.

It could work I believe, but it needs to really take in the spirit of Wonka and the ideas that he brought to life in his factory that enchanted so many and brought life to the imaginations of those that could only wonder about what went on inside. What kind of adventure he’d go on would be interesting to find out but until that time comes when the producers reveal the details it’s all going to be very hush hush in a very Wonka-esque fashion. At this point though it couldn’t get much worse than the most recent version of the movie, which had its charms in some areas but was more or less just flat out creepy. Some people might say that about the original movie but in reality the original at least had an air of whimsy about it, something that was crazy and yet pulled back just enough to let the sanity flow in for a short time. The Johnny Depp version was just flat out bonkers and dark in a way that is kind of hard to take at first glance.

In some regard I do wish that the producers would let this one go and preserve what we have left of a memory when it comes to Willy Wonka. The original film was great enough that it really shouldn’t need to be touched upon in any way yet again so as to make the people remember. But that’s Hollywood I suppose, they want to do everything bigger and better as they uproot pieces of the past in order to dust them off and create a new memory that we can keep moving forward. It might be interesting.

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