Netflix Director Says The Company Is Ready To Commit To Anime

It looks as though Netflix is ready to commit to Anime, as it’s director is fully on board with the idea and ready to roll with it. The interest in Anime has been growing in leaps and bounds throughout the years in the US, and entire bookshelves within those bookstores that are still thriving have been dedicated to the graphic novels that a lot of younger folks and some older fans tend to love. Now it would seem that Netflix is going to do what it can to bring whatever acquisitions it can to produce in-house Anime that could spark a greater interest in the genre and give fans what they want.

It used to be that fans of Anime would have to search around for what they wanted and hope to get lucky. But since Anime has been on the rise it’s been easier and easier to find. It’s no longer the niche interest that it used to be since so many of the younger generation have taken a liking to it. But as far as taking a chance on it at this point Netflix is still taking a gamble that a wider American audience is going to respond favorably. Those that do watch Netflix, and there are many of them out there, tend to wander through their favorites and pick and choose which series they’re going to watch. With Anime coming to Netflix in a bigger way supposedly this will make things a lot easier and essentially a lot cheaper when it comes to people finding their favorites.

As far as Anime no longer being a niche genre however that remains to be seen. As of now it has enjoyed a big push in the number of people that have chosen to enjoy the many rich and diverse stories that are there to be told, but as far as the mainstream goes Anime is still something of a newcomer when speaking of how it’s managed to step onto the scene. That statement might seem a bit inaccurate since so many know about and love Anime, but the truth is that it’s still not enjoying the biggest crowd or fan base when compared to other genres that have been well-established and firmly cemented in the public eye for decades. Anime is swiftly catching up to those genres and might be on the verge of becoming a serious rival however, as this jump to Netflix would provide a platform that would, in America at least, promote the genre in a very big way.

At this moment Anime is already understandably big in Japan and is one of the most prolific selections on Netflix within the country. In America it has gained a great deal of ground and it still building as more and more people start to realize just how well-composed the stories are and how entertaining each series is to watch. There’s little to no doubt that Anime is here to stay and could very well become a part of American culture, if it hasn’t already.

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