NCAA Allegations Should be Almost Comical at This Point

You mean there’s corruption in college sports? Get out of here! It didn’t bother anyone for the past thirty years so why is anyone getting all upset and being surprised by it NOW? Oh, that’s right, because now scandals are the ‘in’ thing to be upset about. The NCAA allegations going on as of now are a joke, and it’s not to say that they’re wrong, far from it. It’s that they’ve been going on for so long, and PEOPLE KNEW ABOUT IT. There was no muzzle order on a lot of the goings on in college or how recruiters were managing to get students to go along with certain universities. Pop culture even filmed it for crying out loud!

But wait, that was pop culture, and it can’t always be relied on to tell the truth. So people rolled their eyes and said ‘yeah right’ when it was shown on TV and in film that athletes were being given serious perks to come to one school or another. Maybe people should have done less eye-rolling and more listening to understand that this corruption has been going on for a long, long time.

Remember the movies Blue Chips, The Program, He Got Game?, and many others? They showed students getting kickbacks and incentives to go to school at one university or another, they even showed that athletes got preferential treatment from their teachers and the school board so long as they performed. But these were works of fiction so no one really thought anything about it. They wanted to believe that films like Necessary Roughness was how things really got done. Teams that had no chance somehow came back against teams that were stacked to the gills with talent. Oh people, it’s time to wake up and realize the brutal truth of it all.

Corruption in the NCAA has been going on for longer than some of you have been alive. That’s right, some of those that have gone to college have been living with the corruption since before the turn of the century, and no one’s said a single thing. But NOW we’re going to get upset. NOW the FBI is going to step in and do something, and NOW they’re going to pat themselves on the back for it and say good job and all the other congratulatory catchphrases that are so commonly reserved when you bring a bunch of criminals in at once.

Sigh, good job alright. Good job for allowing the rot to spread to so many different colleges when it could have been yanked out by the root a long time ago. Oh sure, corruption will always occur at some point or another, it’s human nature after all. But this was allowed to go on for way, WAY too long. There are people in college now, especially those colleges that are affected, possibly looking for answers and a way out that doesn’t exist. A lot of students, athletes mostly, might feel the sudden need to transfer so that they can continue to play and seek out their dream of making the pros. Other students might just transfer because of the embarrassment of it all. Can you blame them?


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