10 Things You Didn’t Know about Navia Robinson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Navia Robinson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Navia Robinson

Head over to Navia Ziraili Robinson’s IMDB Biography and you’ll learn the highlights of her career. She is a self-propelled dynamo with a tall measure of confidence and talent. She started out performing in the 2011 national talent competition Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ “Shine” held in the summer in Orlando, Florida. She won Overall Top Child Model, and life has never been the same since. She went on to act in numerous commercials and was invited by Disney executives to be a part of their 2015 two-week summer boot camp. Since then, she’s had significant parts in Raven’s Home, Free Rein, and Marvel Rising: Playing with Fire. What most describes her career trajectory is her motto; which she lives by daily: “You can turn off the sun, but I’m still gonna shine!”

1. Navia says the one movie she knows by heart is The Devil Wears Prada

Navia was playing Seventeen’s “Truth or Dare Challenge” when she admitted it. She said she’s only seen the movie once, but she loves it very much.

2. Navia’s hidden talent is using her toes to pick up things

She admits that it’s weird, but whenever she drops things, like a pen or a pencil, she can pick it up with her toes. She says it’s very easy, but she also hopes that her toes won’t be damaged from constantly being used to pick things up.

3. Navia connected most to the character of Rosie in Free Rein

According to Just Jared, Navia’s favorite character to date is Rosie from the Netflix series. She explained that her reason was that Rosie was the “most unlike who she is as a person”. She felt that it was not only fun but challenging to make Rosie’s character believable. To Nia, Rosie was “a very pretentious, very L.A. ‘valley girl’, and the challenge was to portray Rosie as a grounded person. Nia experienced enjoyable emotional moments portraying Rosie, and that was also important to her.  She filmed season one and two of Free Rein in the UK. She was able to include her dad and brothers in a trip to London and toured with them for five days. She felt grateful that her career gave her the opportunity to share special memories with her family while filming abroad.

4. Portions of the proceeds of Navia’s A Book Of will go to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Navia’s A Book Of is part of the series of solo print issues highlighting actors who portray some of the most popular characters.  Each magazine features just one talented actor, and these are each called “The Collector’s Issue”. Each magazine features an interview with the star and exclusive photos. The stars featured in each solo magazine choose which charity they would like to benefit. Navia’s choice, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals was founded in 1983 by Marie Osmond and John Schneider. The two celebrities organized a telethon which raised almost $4.8 million for children’s hospitals. There are currently 170 member hospitals and celebrity partners such as Navia continue to raise funds through various campaigns. Navia’s support has also included attending events on behalf of the charity such as “Rock The Runway”, where she joined Miracle Kid Teddy Moore to attend the event.

5. Navia has always been in love with Marvel

Even more exciting for her was being able to announce that she had joined the Marvel Rising family for a new special, “Playing With Fire.”Navia’s part in the special is voicing the character of Zayla and performing the song “Roaring Thunder”. Navia said that she “is very grateful to be a character within Marvel and the “alternate world it’s created”. Navia told Beautycon LA that the experience was incredible, and Marvel was the first place where she felt “ empowered to be in even a very small part of that universe”. She hopes to have the opportunity to become an even bigger part of the Marvel Universe in the future.

6. Navia used to hate eggs

Her mother taught her how to make Southern scrambled eggs and she liked them so much it changed her mind about eggs from then on.

7. One of Navia’s favorite on set memories happened during the second episode of Raven’s Home

Navia recalled the scene where she was trying to express her need for privacy while her bra was being paraded around the house so everyone present could see “how cute it was”. Everyone on set was laughing uncontrollably because the bra was making the rounds of people’s heads and “whipping it around”. Raven and Anneliese were the guilty parties and Navia was trying to say her lines in the midst of it all. She tried to get out her lines but couldn’t. She ended up collapsing into Raven’s lap; laughing hysterically. That’s when she knew the cast was filming the moment as it should be, and she felt good about the fun she and the rest of the cast members were having together.

8. Navia says that she would let a crush know she liked them by leaving notes

She says that her reason for leaving notes is that she’s the kind of person who can’t confront someone. Leaving notes would be her first plan. If she could find a friend who could tell that person in a simple way how she felt; it might work out. It’s something she feels she needs to work on. She also feels she needs to gain some confidence to walk up to people and just say it.

9. Navia studied horseback riding with one of the best coaching families in the UK.

She did it for her role as Rosie Phillips in Free Rein. Rosie is a city girl who doesn’t always get along with horses after moving to the English countryside. She is the younger sister of the main character Zoe. Rosie has trouble getting used to life surrounding around the horse stables in England. But unlike her character Rosie, Navia loves horses. She said that the horses were treated so well in the UK because they have doubles; just like human actors do. That way, the horses had plenty of chance to rest and get the food they needed. Steve Dent was the incredible stunt trainer for the Free Rein series. His horse training credits include Ben Hur, Thor, Gladiator, and more. The lead horses included the jet-black Raven and the white Prothos, and Monty the Welsh cross, and Benjy, who played Bob, was rescued from a field of dead horses; and Elvis and Major who was portrayed by a Spanish horse. The show was filmed in Shropshire and Cheshire outside of London and Beaumaris. Navia portrayed Rosie for two seasons of the show. Her role ended when her character, Rosie, returned to Los Angeles.

10. Navia’s favorite corny Dad joke is playing along with her “What’s up?” gag line

She says her Dad has so many different jokes that it’s hard to choose just one. But she enjoys calling him on the phone and she always asks him, “What’s up?” He has a list of responses: The sky. The ceiling. Etc. When she feels it’s getting old, she’ll try “What’s sideways?” instead, and he’ll struggle with that one. That’s when she feels it gets even more fun because they both laugh together at all the random responses and silliness. It’s one of her favorite ways of joking with her dad.

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