Nashville Season 3 Episode 11 Review: “I’m Not That Good at Goodbye”


First of all, let me start off by saying that it has been a very eventful night of television, so by the end of the winter premiere of Nashville, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. Two months without Nashville has been way too long. It’s doubly taxing because this is a musical show, so both the drama and the music have been very much missed. The good news is that Nashville is officially back in full swing, and there’s no annoying time-jump, just the immediate aftermath of all the shocks from the midseason finale.

Like I suspected two months ago, Juliette and Avery were the only people remotely happy (or safe) in our sea of musicians. The blissful newlyweds decided not to waste another minute apart, so Avery was quickly moved into Juliette’s house, along with all of his possessions. The couple then had their first marital argument…over a chair. It seems silly because after hearing about just one of the many problems that unfolded over the hour, Avery realized just how much of a non-problem it was. Juliette mastered the first rule of marriage though, compromise, by finding a spot for the chair in the baby’s nursery.

As I said before, everyone else was pretty much in a “Whose day was the worst day of their life?” contest. Let’s start with Layla and Will. Layla really did try to commit suicide, and she stops tip-toeing around how Will ruined her life. For the first time both Will and Jeff are actually listening to what Layla needs, and manage to get her off the hook for the reality show and her marriage. Finally, Layla is free. The only question is, where does she go from here? On a side note: this newfound bromance between Jeff and Teddy is probably not going to continue smoothly.

Sadie new reality is just scary. She purchases a handgun after being beaten by her ex-husband, and spends the rest of the day locked in her home. After a beautiful rendition of “Sad Song”, Sadie’s ex stops by again, and Sadie makes the decision to document and report the abuse in order to get a restraining order.

Gunnar is having a terrible time as well, having just found out that his son is actually his nephew. We get a beautiful moment when Gunnar and Micah do a duet together, and that’s about all the happiness that we get from that point forward. Gunnar loses the custody fight for Micah once he tells him the paternity truth, and what’s more, Micah wants nothing to do with Gunnar after his lie.

I’d concede the contest to Gunnar right now, but the supercouple of the show actually have the worst of it. Rayna’s decision, while the right decision, is having very, very bad ripple effects. Luke goes on a violent and bitter tear, attacking Deacon, billing Rayna, ignoring his kids, and throwing a bachelor party concert at his home. I’ll admit, “If I Drink This Beer” is a catchy tune, but is inappropriately timed. Luke’s kids end up fleeing to Teddy’s house and at the very least we know the kids are all sticking together through their parents’ mess.

Deacon can barely catch a breath to absorb Rayna’s news because he has a more pressing concern, his ailing health. His only hope is now a liver transplant for a rapidly growing cancer. Deacon decides that he will not tell Rayna or anyone else about his condition yet, leaving Scarlett alone in the fight with him. Rayna needs time to get over her decision, and does a good job of managing the chaos with her statement to the press. In the end, Rayna is seen very much alone on her wedding day finally trying to breathe herself.

Is there any happiness left in Nashville after tonight? Which storyline are you most interested moving forward?

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