Nashville Review: Why Is Everyone Split Up?


That ABC cancelled Nashville is devastating for the fans, but also a completely understandable decision. The couples we love have been in various states of pain and stasis for a year, frustrating even the most loyal fans. It’s understandable that not even the most beautiful music could help stories which were ultimately at a standstill. Hopefully tonight’s penultimate episode pushed the characters to make more meaningful decisions before next week’s series finale.

First, there’s Scarlett and Gunnar. That kind of connection, both romantic and musically, is hauntingly beautiful. Yet these two just can’t ever seem to get it together. It’s gotten to the point where I feel fully justified in throwing a min-tantrum. They’re now doing almost everything separately. Even their manager is getting exasperated. Scarlett stays home to do a photo shoot while Gunnar takes off with Autumn to meet Elton John. Admittedly that last one was pretty cool. Gunnar has the time of his life performing with Elton John. Autumn’s belief that Gunnar could break away from Scarlett empowers Gunnar. Gunnar repays Autumn’s kindness by accepting an invitation to her hotel room. Scarlett’s photo shoot is all about being honest with what you feel, something Scarlett has never been comfortable with. The photographer forces Scarlett to answer the tough question-what is she so afraid of? Not a tough answer, loving Gunnar.

Rayna and Deacon’s marriage is in such turmoil they need to go to counseling. As much as they fight and as much as they repeat cycles, Rayna and Deacon repeat what we all know. There’s just something about them that always seems inevitable. The therapist points out separate patterns Rayna and Deacon have lived by. Deacon needs to let go of the guilt and Rayna needs to move towards forgiveness. Their therapist asks them to answer what they are getting out of this relationship. Do they even know anymore?

Okay so one couple is together that are actually likeable. Noah is actually great for Juliette. He jumps in with both feet to her drama-filled life. Noah is even great with Cadence! He and Juliette just aren’t really that compatible, better as an idea than a reality. We all know Juliette found her soul mate in Avery, but that ship was hit by an iceberg last year and the water never stopped tipping the boat. But is that boat completely sunk? Avery escorts Layla to her album launch, but is completely distracted worrying about Cadence with Juliette and Noah. See my need for the tantrum?

After his mom’s death Will and his father are actually making inroads. Will can no longer stay out of the public eye, especially if he hopes to launch his album. The public is more interested in Will’s sexual orientation than his talent. Luke has been trying to advocate for his artist, even making an appearance on “The View” to explain his stance on the matter. When Luke gets a call that Colt has been injured, he has to leave Will to fend for himself in an upcoming radio interview. In a horrible twist, Colt was actually attacked by a couple of other recruits who disagree with Luke’s public stance on Will’s life. Colt was happy to throw the first punch to defend his dad because he is proud of him. Luke is filled with pride first by Colt, and then by Will, who finally comes around to taking a stand.

What is your hope for next week’s series finale?

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