Nashville Sneak Peek: Juliette Gets Her Life Back as Rayna’s Falls Apart


The Queen of Country and the Country Diva have been apart for months, and now a crisis will bring them back together. Juliette returned to Nashville almost a month ago, but tonight fans will finally get to see interaction between Juliette and her former frenemy Rayna. As you’ll see, Juliette is specially equipped to help Rayna when she reaches out for assistance with this particular crisis.

Juliette has been trying to rebuild her life since returning home from treatment for postpartum depression. She’s reconnected with her daughter, she’s getting back to her music, she’s making amends with the people in her life. The only piece missing from her life is Avery. That last part might take a little bit longer to get back, especially since Juliette’s enemy Layla is making a play for Avery as retribution for Juliette accidentally being responsible for Jeff’s death. But Juliette is unaware of the full gravity of the situation, still just happy to be healthy enough to rebuild. Isn’t it ironic that just as Juliette’s life is coming back together, Rayna’s is falling apart at the seams.

Rayna has been battling with daughter Maddie for close to a year now regarding Maddie’s desire to become a full-fledged solo performing artist at the age of 15. Rayna and Deacon have adamantly refused to let Maddie drop out of school to pursue a career so young, and they only signed Maddie to Rayna’s label Highway 65 on the condition that Maddie sign as a duet with her younger sister Daphne. Maddie is not allowed to perform at any events which haven’t been approved by her parents. This may seem harsh to her, but to her parents it is necessary to protect their daughter from a life she is not yet ready for. Unfortunately Deacon and Rayna did not realize Maddie had a friend undermining their influence on their daughter. Cash, the daughter of Deacon’s business partner, has been mentoring Maddie in songwriting for some time now. Their friendship has grown stronger for months. To an outsider it might have seemed like an innocent friendship, but Cash has become a dangerous influence. Her bond with Maddie has alienated Daphne and enabled Maddie’s thoughts that she is already adult enough to make her own decisions about her career, despite the fact that she is barely a teenager. Last week Cash crossed a line that opened Deacon’s eyes when she convinced Maddie to lie to her parents about singing at a bar.

In tonight’s episode Maddie defiantly runs away from home, and it seems that she goes completely off on her own, not even turning to Cash for help. The one person Rayna knows will understand is the one person she hasn’t reached out to in months-Juliette.

Tune in tonight to see Rayna and Juliette reunite.

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