Nashville: Five Things You Didn’t Know about Charles Esten

You might think he looks familiar and you’d be right. Eston has been a busy man in his career and hasn’t been idle doing what he loves to do. It’s not just Nashville however that he’s been seen as a hit, though his role on that show has been going solid since 2012. But Eston is also an accomplished comedian that has been around for a while and knows how to get a good, solid laugh out of the audience  even if he’s not quite as famous as some of the marquee comedians that are constantly on the road doing sold out shows. The point is that he’s good enough to do what he likes but he’s also wise enough to not lock himself in to one role.

Thus far he’s been very successful at nearly everything he’s done.

5. He’s been seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway? as one of the guest comedians.

Up until around 2005 he was one of the recurring guest stars on this hilariously funny improv show. He even went over to the European show for a little while but then returned to continue on with the American version. Most of his skits are pretty straightforward comedy without a lot of gimmicks but his expressions are often so animated that you can’t help but laugh.

4. He was in a band in college.

During his college years he was in a band called N’est Pas, which of course is French for is not, or isn’t it as some people tend to use it. He was the lead vocalist for about three years until he graduated, at which time he quit the band and moved on to the next phase of his life. It’s funny actually that he’s been involved in Nashville now. One has to wonder if he picks up a guitar and jams every now and again.

3. He belonged to a fraternity.

Esten was a member of Theta Delta Chi during his college days and doesn’t talk much about it these days. It’s doubtful that it’s because of anything bad. Do you really talk about everything that you did in college? To be honest it might just be another memory of his that he likes to keep to himself or it might be that nothing really happened during those days worth telling.

2. He was in Party of Five.

Does anyone still remember this show? It was a big hit in the early 1990’s up until 2000. Charles played the character of Luke for about six episodes, which wasn’t a huge role but was big enough to get him another good chunk of experience acting in a sitcom. If nothing else experience is what sets apart the great actors from the good ones.

1. He traveled around with the Improv All-Stars.

No matter what you do you’re better served going where you can practice your craft in an attempt to get better at it. Eston is a student of comedy and of acting and has been very diligent in making his career work.

He was pretty funny on Whose Line Is It Anyway?.


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