If You Liked “The Mist” Here are Five Other Movies to Watch

“The Mist” is based on Steven King’s 1980 novella by the same name. Frank Darabont wrote and directed the 2007 movie which starred an ensemble cast including Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Samuel Witwer, Toby Jones, Melissa McBride, Jefffrey DeMunn and Juan Gabriel Pareja. Following a bad storm, David Dayton takes his son Billy and neighbor Brad Norton into town to get supplies. When they arrive at the small town’s grocery store, they find the police and military. The trio find themselves trapped with other shoppers inside the store. Every time someone attempts to leave they are attacked by strange insect like creatures and dragged into the mist. When creatures get into the store, more people are killed.

A religious fanatic, Mrs. Carmody, believes this is Armageddon and starts a revolt where people are sacrificed to the mysterious mist. David eventually leaves the store with a group and flees in his car finding his home destroyed and his wife dead. As members of the group undergo horrific deaths, David shoots but there isn’t a last bullet for himself. It turns out the US Military was experimenting with the “Arrowhead Project” exploring other dimensions with mysterious insects. The loss of power during the storm made the project’s equipment go awry, but the military is finally able to close the portal.

Fans of “The Mist” love the mystery of what is happening, the strange creatures that attack people and the social decay that occurs led by a religious fanatic. If you liked “The Mist”, here are 5 other movies to watch.

1. The Road

The post apocalyptic drama “The Road” combines physical and emotional survival with a dramatic change in the elements with survival by humans under social chaos becoming animals. Directed by Joe Penhall, 2009’s “The Road” is based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel written by Carmac McCarthy. Viggo Mortensen stars as “Man” who struggles to survive with his young son “Boy” played by Kodi Smit-McPhee. Man’s wife gives birth shortly after a catastrophic geographic event occurs and the world’s climate dramatically changes. His wife loses all hope as the young family struggles to survive as America turns into social and moral chaos. The young mother loses all hope when her husband shoots and intruder using the last of three bullets saved for the family. She flees the house to her death in the cold. Man and Boy go on a trek across the country to the coast where they believe they will find warmer weather. They struggle to maintain their supplies and maintain moral standards in a new land filled with social chaos and even cannibals. “The Road” discusses survival and trust. Like “The Mist”, the ending takes the audience completely by surprise.

2. The Thing

“The Thing” is based on a 1938 novella by John W. Campbell. It was made into a film in 1982 and again in 2011. John Carpenter’s 1982 take starred Kurt Russell as one of a group of American researchers in Antarctica. The group comes across a Norwegian research center completely destroyed and filled with dead bodies. A mysterious creature that appears human is buried and later, a UFO is found buried. The scientists discover that the mysterious “Thing” is a parasite that assimilates and imitates the organisms it inhabits. This discovery leads to complete mistrust among the scientists. They all become paranoid as they can’t determine who is real and who has been taken over by The Thing.

3. Cloverfield

JJ Abrams got the idea for “Cloverfield” while he and his son visited a Japanese toy store where they found a Godzilla toy. Abrams wanted to create a Godzilla-like monster for American but not one with a likable side like King Kong. 2008’s “Cloverfield” is a found footage movie. As a party is going on in Manhattan for a friend leaving to work in Japan the next day, a guest records the farewell speeches on tape. When the footage is found later, it shows the party, previous events and a night of horror. After an violent tremors and explosions five party members go to the streets of Manhattan to see the head of the Statue of Liberty rolling down the street.

As New York City is destroyed we catch glimpses of a lizard like monster wreaking havoc on people and buildings as the military tries to destroy it. The mysterious creature gives off strange parasites that attack people and they implode. As the surviving New Yorkers try to evacuate Manhattan before the military blows it up in order to destroy the monster, the video footage continues. All of the five party goers appear to die in the carnage. In the end, the found footage shows a previously taped visit by two to Coney Island a month before where a mysterious object can be seen tumbling into the ocean. Like “The Mist”, “Cloverfield” shows fear of an alien creature out to destroy anything and anyone in its path, mystery as to where it came from, and a surprise ending that leads to more questions.

4. Carriers

“Carriers” is a post apocalyptic 2009 movie about a viral pandemic. Four survivors, two brothers played by Chris Pine and Lou Taylor Pucci, and a girlfriend and friend from school, played by Piper Perabo and Emily Van Camp, flee their hometown to find safety until the virus dies out. The virus is highly contagious and transferred by breath. The four believe there is safety in the southwest and head to Turtle Beach Hotel. Along the way they see society has melted down. There is no social or moral justice as people stop at nothing to survive from stealing cars and gasoline to murder. The foursome reluctantly help a man and his daughter, who has contracted the virus, get to a school where there could be help. One of the girls in the group is accidentally infected and infects her boyfriend. In the end, the other brother and friend arrive at Turtle Beach. “Carriers” shows the paranoia that escalates as the mysterious virus spreads among the human population. Like “The Mist”, there is mystery, social breakdown, and a mystery ending that doesn’t really resolve.

5. The Descent

If you like “The Mists”, you’ll like “The Descent”. The 2005 British film was written and directed by Neil Marshall. Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) is emotionally recovering from a car accident that killed her daughter and husband. One year later, she and five friends take a trip to the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina to go on a splunking trip. One of the friends leads the crew into an unexplored cave leading the girls to argue with her. As the group struggles to find a way out they encounter mysterious creatures, “crawlers”, and the remains of animals and other campers. The crawlers eventually attack and the ladies are picked off one by one. Sarah is the only survivor but falls and hits her head. She awakens, runs to her car and flees whens he sees her friend who died in the cave sitting in her car. Sarah is hallucinating and still inside the cave. She sees her daughter, but as she realizes that can’t be, she hears the crawlers scream in the distance. Like “The Mist”, “The Descent” shows the way friends can easily turn on each other in times of trouble. We see mysterious creatures attack people and drag them off. The end leaves us just as dissatisfied as “The Mist”.

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