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It’s interesting to see what can be found when strolling around the streaming channels, especially when one is simply looking for something to watch when the newer and more popular movies and shows aren’t providing everything a person needs to be entertained. Incarnate isn’t something that was bound to be called a blockbuster back in 2016 for a few likely reasons, but it’s still the type of movie that one can’t help but call creepy since it deals with a subject that’s quite scary to some folks. When a young boy named Cameron is possessed by a demon after being attacked by a homeless individual, Dr. Seth Ember is called in to take a look and see what he can do. Despite his successful attempts at evicting spirits from people, Ember’s assistants make it a point to tell him that the demons he’s dealing with are getting used to his interference, which is making it far more difficult for him to return to the waking world. One spirit, in particular, known as Maggie, has been seeking him out for a while, as Maggie is responsible for the death of Ember’s wife and son and for placing him in the wheelchair he uses in real life. When Ember attempts to free Cameron, however, he finds that Maggie has outsmarted him and that he’ll have to switch his tactics up in order to evict the demon and perhaps deal with it for good. 

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The look at possession is different and kind of interesting. 

Instead of thinking that a demon simply takes over and can control a person’s every action and dominate them completely, this movie makes it clear that a demon can’t possess a person so much as fool them into thinking that they’re somewhere else. This is shown when Ember is helping another individual as he enters a nightclub to find a man that many women likely wouldn’t look twice at enjoying the company of many several beautiful ladies. Explaining that a demon can keep a person locked within a pleasing fantasy in their own mind while they utilize the person’s body is a different way to look at things, especially since it appears to be just as invasive but offers up a diversionary tactic that many movies don’t employ. 

It had to reach back to religion at some point. 

When talking about demons, there’s no real way to avoid talking about religion at one point or another since the supernatural tends to bring in Christianity and other religions without fail. But despite Ember’s decision to call his work an eviction instead of an exorcism, it would appear that he and the Vatican don’t tend to get along that well. Still, it does appear that they see the use for each other since he does keep a cross around for his own reasons, and they do defer to him when it comes to such matters since he’s proven when it comes to evicting demons from a human victim. The old saying about no atheists in a foxhole tends to come to mind in this movie, but in a very sarcastic and ironic manner since Incarnate gives the feeling that there’s nothing else to be done since Maggie, the spirit that is possessing Cameron, has left Ember no other option. 

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The views that people have concerning demons tend to vary from movie to movie. 

There are a lot of movies that have their own view of demons when it comes to what the spirits do, what they’re allowed to do, and what capabilities they possess. But one thing that’s evident in most movies is that demons are exceedingly negative and that if there are any positive interactions with them, they stand as outliers and aren’t to be taken as the norm. This movie makes it clear that demons can hold a grudge and that they’re far more intelligent at times than people might like them to be. This makes sense, considering that in most lore about demons, there is a hierarchy that has been established, and the more powerful demons are those who would end up holding a grudge against those who thwarted or otherwise vexed them. 

The ending is one that should have been expected. 

It was bound to come down to Ember against Maggie, as this was being built up the moment that it was mentioned that they had a standing grudge. But the manner in which it happens is a little bit surprising. None of it’s that shocking since the indication is that Ember is a man who’s been suffering for a while and isn’t afraid of ending it all to get back at the creature that cost him so much. But when Ember is brought back to life just long enough to pass on the spirit of Maggie to the Vatican representative who enlisted him, one can get the gist that demons are a little tougher to eliminate and don’t tend to die that easily. 

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