The Five Best Aaron Eckhart Movies of His Career

Aaron Eckhart came out as kind of a surprise to some people since he’s been in show business since the 90s but there have only be a few big roles that people remember him for. When it comes to his acting he’s absolutely solid in his delivery and his ability to hang in there with other stars, but there are times when he seems to get pushed to the side or the back when it’s not a lead or an important supporting actor. There are even movies that some people wish he hadn’t done since they didn’t turn out all that great. But giving credit where it’s due, he’s managed to be a very solid individual when it comes to doing his part and being noticeable when he needs to be. In some movies he’s done his best just to hang in and be noticed while in others he’s stolen his own part of the show and ran with it.

Here are his five best movies.

5. Any Given Sunday

Thomas Golianopoulous of Complex paints a grisly picture of football as a back and forth war that Oliver Stone was trying to convey in a big way since in truth that’s kind of what it is. What we see on the NFL is only a small part and what goes on behind the cameras and where folks aren’t generally allowed to witness is something else entirely. While it might not all be as grimy and dark as Stone makes it seem there is a hidden face of football that is often hinted at and almost never shown in full since to do so would be to remind people that as great as the game is, the men playing it are only human and just as liable to mess up as anyone when it comes to life.

4. Olympus Has Fallen

The whole lone gunman action in this movie is something that makes some people roll their eyes and others hold on for dear life since Gerard Butler comes in to save the president, played by Eckhart, in a no holds barred kind of manner that has him squaring off against a slew of terrorists that have taken control of the White House and captured the president and his staff. When the lead terrorist states that there is going to be no negotiation for what they want he’s quite right since Butler’s character is coming in guns hot and ready to take down anyone in his path as he tries to rescue the president, who is also refusing to cooperate since the belief is still that America will not bow to anyone.

3. Thank You for Smoking

The gift of gab backed with persuasion is something that a lot of people don’t seem to realize is a smokescreen for someone trying to justify one thing or another to them. Making up your own mind as to how you live your life and what you do with it is, ultimately, up to the individual. Unfortunately too many people jump on one bandwagon or another in an effort to go with flow and be with the ‘right’ crowd in any given moment. Naylor had a huge change of heart after being fired but at the very least he was confident in doing what he did best, which was talk, no matter what he had to say in order to get his point across.

2. Sully

Ben Allen of RadioTimes wrote a piece on the real Sully and how his decisions went down in history as creating one of the best and somehow most controversial stories in aviation history since a lot of people seemed to think that he could have made it back to the airport once he’d lost both engines. But there’s something to be said for the knowledge of older and more experienced professionals however since despite the possibility of pilot error Sully was still able to deduce that had they kept going the collateral damage, and the damage to the plane and passengers, would have been massive and not at all acceptable. He was highly criticized for his actions, but he did the right thing overall.

1. The Dark Knight

Among all the Batman movies this likely to be deemed as one of the best if not THE best since it featured two different villains, one that was simply over the top and absolutely great, and the other that was tragic and yet still easy to dislike since he flipped the script so quickly and embraced the darker part of his nature. We’d already seen in one instance that Harvey Dent was being pushed too far and needed to do anything and everything to gain answers, but by the time he became Two-Face his moral center was pretty much gone, and fate had taken the place of any sense of justice he’d once had.

Aaron is a great actor, that’s all that needs to be said.

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