Movie Review: Hubie Halloween

Movie Review: Hubie Halloween
Adam Sandler's Hubie Halloween Brings Tricks and Treats, But Very Few  Laughs | Review

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Over the years, it’s been easy to see how people have viewed Adam Sandler and the movies he’s put out since the best of them have often been ignored to focus on the missteps that he’s made in other movies. After watching Hubie Halloween, it’s fair to say that it’s not a horrible movie, but the idea of Sandler taking on the look and sound of someone that has lived a moderately sheltered life and speaks in an odd sort of way is something that was done with The Waterboy, and as a result, this effort comes off as few decades too late. The fact that someone in the movie says that he overstayed his welcome is way too accurate since the fact is that Sandler has evolved quite a bit over the years, but this movie felt like a bit of a backward slide that didn’t need to happen. It could have been that he wanted to make a quick movie that people would enjoy or that he was just fooling around and having fun, but the fact is that Hubie Halloween feels like a cross between The Waterboy and You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

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Despite the fact that nearly the entire town makes fun of him, Hubie still has a big heart and is fully prepared for whatever comes his way. 

The image of Hubie either evading, dodging, or somehow catching stuff with his thermos while riding on his bike is kind of insane and, honestly, the type of humor that Sandler was known for back in the day. But these days, it does feel a little silly to see a grown man being chased by kids and reviled by an entire town. Plus, the fact that he’s still who he is without feeling the need to get back at people so often is kind of tough to believe since it’s true that there might be people out there who are kind enough to take abuse and not seek any payback, we often look at these people as beaten and defeated rather than strong and capable. There are a lot of people out there who might disagree, but the act of being kind and pacifistic to this degree is something that is exceedingly rare in this world. 

The kind of hatred that others have for Hubie is kind of unrealistic. 

Granted, this is a movie and therefore is allowed to go beyond the boundaries of reality since it’s not meant to be entirely serious or even preach to people that hatred is self-defeating in the end. But the level of disdain that the townsfolk have for Hubie, with only a few exceptions, makes it plain to see that they either all have massive personal issues that they need to sort out or that Hubie is persecuted simply because he’s a grown man that lives with his mother and acts in a less than desired manner, which still doesn’t make sense. There are a few lessons to be pulled from this movie, but at the same time, it does feel that the overbearing disrespect that Hubie gets is way over the top and doesn’t really need to be as strong as it is. 

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credit: Hubie Halloween

The whole idea that the guy with the biggest heart gets the girl is nice, but it’s not necessarily realistic. 

In terms of a movie setting, this is entirely realistic, but in real life, not so much. The general issues that exist between men and women and how each gender attracts the individual they desire is a discussion that could last for several articles at the very least, but at this point, it does feel that Hubie getting the girl he’s wanted for so long at the end of the movie is the stereotypical happy ending that might not have been the best decision for this movie. Yes, it’s fun to see the guy that’s been dumped on getting the life he wants, but sometimes it pays to make him either wait a little bit for it, or to see a different ending shape up, if only because it might not satisfy some fans, but it will definitely stand out as in a way that might make for a more convincing story. 

One thing this movie does well is to keep people guessing until it bluntly reveals the antagonist. 

It would be interesting to realize how many people suspected Hubie’s mother as the antagonist, especially since she was one of his biggest supporters, but it does feel as though a lot of people were in the dark before the final reveal. Once it was established that the people being abducted were those who had made fun of Hubie it was kind of easy to put together since there were only a couple of possible suspects. 

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