10 Things You Didn’t Know About Molly Qerim

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Molly Qerim

Molly Qerim

Molly Qerim knew that she would have a career in the media hence armed herself with a bachelor’s degree in communication and a master’s in broadcast journalism. She worked for various networks before winding up at ESPN, and perhaps her skills are what saved her from the massive layoff at the network. She has always been a sports fan, so it is no surprise that she was on shows like “Fantasy Football Now” that led her to win an Emmy Award. Now she is the face of “First Take,” and Molly is not slowing down until she achieves what is on her vision board. The facts below will help you get to know more about her.

1. She was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2011

In 2018, Molly decided to speak up about her experience with endometriosis to help other women who have undergone such diagnosis realize that they are not alone. She said that she had been diagnosed with the disorder seven years earlier, and it had worsened. For Molly, the condition had spread to other vital organs, including the liver, lungs, and kidneys, after the cyst burst to release the toxins to the rest of her body.

2. She continued taking coffee against her doctor’s advice

You would think that someone whose health was on the line would do everything to be healthy again, but Molly did not. As much as she wanted to be declared free of the disorder, Molly could not cut her daily coffee intake. She had gone as far as changing her diet by reducing sugar, processed foods, and alcohol, but there was no way she would do without her coffee. Molly’s defense was her early morning schedule; thus, coffee gave her the much-needed energy boost.

3. She preferred acupuncture over medicine to treat endometriosis

Doctors prescribed Lupron to treat Molly’s condition and, of course, as eager as she was to get rid of endometriosis, she gladly took it. Unfortunately, with time she discovered it was draining her mentally, emotionally, and physically with the side effects. She gained a lot of weight, turned menopausal, and the pain from the injections she was receiving in her back was unbearable. Molly, therefore, opted for acupuncture to especially manage the pain. According to Daily Mail, the treatment was on her feet and stomach to regulate hormonal imbalances and pain, respectively.

4. She grew up a sports fan

Unlike households where the favorite pastime is maybe watching a film together, Molly’s family went to games instead. As a child, she remembers that everybody was involved in sports, and her best teams included the Yankees and the Celtics because they were her father’s favorite. The culture, although the children are all grown, has not stopped; Molly’s father was a season ticket holder for UConn’s women’s and men’s basketball, and he still goes to every game.

5. She considers her job on “First Take” as the best she has ever had

According to UConn Magazine, when Molly got the job to be the host on “First Take,” one website said it was the worst job ever. However, Molly disagrees because she could not have held a better position. She explained that she loves the challenge of knowing how to keep the show moving as the guys battle out on their opinions. Her job is to ensure that she remains neutral, and each topic gets covered fully by looking at both the good and the ugly sides; therefore, if the guys agree, then she is forced to play the devil’s advocate.

6. She believes in the power of words

It has been said that whatever you confess, then you will most likely possess it; thus, we are advised to choose our words carefully. For Molly, she speaks out her goals and even writes them down because she opines that there is a certain kind of power that comes with writing your objectives in your handwriting. However, apart from declaring your goals, Molly also believes in the power of being ambitious and working hard to meet your targets; she confessed that many things she had written down have come to pass.

7. She always wanted to be in ESPN

When she was still studying at the University of Connecticut, Molly got an internship at ESPN. The exposure made her sure of what she would like to do in the future, but at the time, she was still new in the field; hence chances of ever being the host of a show were impossible. Therefore when she left ESPN, Molly was determined to get back in a much more significant role than that of being in digital media. Besides, one person told Molly as she left that she would be back in about three years, and Molly took it as a confirmation of her destiny. The other motivation was to be close to her family since most of them live in Connecticut; hence going back to ESPN remained a priority.

8. Someone started a petition to have her removed from ESPN

Molly may be known for her fiery attitude on “First Take,” but there are people who have had enough of her. According to change.org, eight months ago, Justin Peters started a petition to have Molly removed from ESPN. He reasoned that Molly’s reaction to Lavar’s comment caused the network to have unnecessary attention. He added that she is treated as an afterthought; therefore, is irrelevant to the show. According to Justin, Molly does not come close to the former host Caro Campion. While the network already showed their stand by banning Lavar from the network, Justin now has 156 signatures. He is only looking for 200 signatures, so let’s wait and see what happens once he meets the target.

9. She was once accused of cheating on her boyfriend

Molly’s friend, Angelica, once posted a video of someone who looked like Molly getting intimate with another man. People were quick to show their anger on Instagram and even insulted Molly for the alleged infidelity. However, Angelica deleted the video and said that it was not Molly but a Mexican couple she did not even know. The TV host maintained that it was not her and the speed with which the lies amazed her; Jalen, on the other hand, remained mum.

10. She Americanized her name

There is a lot of weight that goes into a person’s name such that if you mispronounce it, they can take it personally. However, for Molly, she can never accuse anyone of mispronouncing her last name because even she is guilty of that. She revealed that it is supposed to be “keh-REEM,” but she goes with “CARE-um.” She revealed the change makes her feel like a “sellout” when she says it in front of Muslims and Albanians.

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