The Mindy Project 2.09 Review: “Mindy Lahiri is a Racist”


I am sure you are as surprised as I am to hear this, but Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) is a racist.  Or at least that is the title of the latest episode of The Mindy ProjectThe staff at Shulman’s Women’s Health Associates has been accused of favoring whites by the midwives located in their building.  But how could a medical practice, that has employed an Indian and African-American woman, be considered racist?

This episode features by far one of the best cold openings I have ever watched.  Morgan (Ike Barinholz) is tired of being continuously bitten by dogs.  He has purchased an arm guard and is going to allow Betsy’s (Zoe Jarman) dog to attack him.  When Betsy lets the dog loose, he immediately pounces on Morgan. Sadly, the arm guard is not much help considering the dog has grabbed a hold of his crotch.  Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) is nearby with a tranquilizer gun.  Instead of shooting the dog, she hits Morgan repeatedly.  He eventually passes out with the dog still biting his goods. And then the opening credits roll…

Danny (Chris Messina) was interviewed for a magazine dedicated to white mothers who want to be taken care of by white doctors.  This is what causes the uproar from the midwives, who have set up a mob of picketers in front of the building.  Jenna Elfman guest stars as the PR guru hired by the office to handle the public outburst.  She asserts that Danny must make an apology while Mindy and Tamra should write a statement verifying they are not being mistreated in the workplace because of the color of their skin.

Mindy invites Tamra out to dinner to write the document. Tamra brings her boyfriend Rayron (Josh Peck) along.  Mindy is not impressed with him and tells Tamra she should date someone who is more like her.  Tamra is angered and leaves before the statement is completed.  The next morning, the staff finds Tamra on the picket line.  She informs the mob that Mindy forced her to use a different bathroom (because she shaved her legs in the ladies room and Mindy slipped on the wet floor) and that Mindy requested Tamra to dump her white boyfriend for someone who was “more like her” (because Rayron is a jerk and Tamra deserves better.)

Mindy is outraged by the allegations and jumps on stage to prove her innocence.  She declares that she is not a racist but she does like to tell edgy jokes.  She alerts the mob of the practice’s new idea of having a mobile health initiative that will help all people living in low income areas.  It is also brought to light that the midwives were only trying to steal business from Mindy and company and decided to accuse the office of not being an equal opportunity employer to do so.  The mob disperses and everything is back to normal.  Tamra does tell Mindy that she looks down on people.  Mindy promises to work on that and the two hug it out.

Cliff (Glenn Howerton) is back in a small storyline with Morgan.  Sadly, he is still with Heather, but is infatuated with Mindy.  He finds out that the texts were not deleted from Mindy’s phone and she read them.  He is furious with Morgan.  In order to make it up to him, Morgan has a friend that will punch him in the face in front of Cliff.  The plan backfires and Cliff is the one punched in the face.  Poor Morgan, will he ever learn?

Peter (Adam Pally) also shows up in a smaller role than he has been accustomed to over the last few weeks.  He was the man behind the idea for the mobile health initiative and was seeking a senior partner status. Because of the idea, his wish is granted, albeit under a trial basis.  The Mindy Project is funniest when the minor characters get their chance to shine.  Peter has been on point since he was added on the show and Tamra was able to deliver a few laughs this time. Hopefully, next week Betsy will get a few one-liners since she has been absent a majority of the season.

Image ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Also pictured L-R: Ed Weeks, Adam Pally and Chris Messina. Cr: Jordin Althuas/FOX

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