Millie Bobby Brown’s Next Project is Big-Screen Detective

Millie Bobby Brown’s Next Project is Big-Screen Detective

It seems that Millie Bobby Brown is going to be stepping out of Hawkins and onto the big screen in 2019 when she takes on the role of a detective in a film that will allow her to take the same kind of attitude she displayed in Stranger Things season 2. She’ll be playing the role of Enola Holmes, younger sister to the famed detective Sherlock Holmes, and she’ll be taking on the same kind of role that her older brother is so well known for. I’m wondering at this point if this could be a new move in the direction of casting women, both young and older, into roles that were primarily taken by men by using little known stories that are now being pushed further into the public eye to make sure that women gain their fair share of the spotlight.

Whether it is or isn’t it could still be very interesting to watch.

After all we’ve seen multiple renditions of the Sherlock Holmes character and have watched as he’s solved cases and contended with villains the likes of which are either too smart or too brutish for common men to take on without a little help. It might be time to take a young woman’s approach and see just how things pan out for a character such as this. Since she’ll have older brothers to contend with in the role she’ll no doubt have a bit of an attitude which is something that the character of any Holmes might need to be good at what they do.

The premise is about the same as you would imagine for any Sherlock Holmes story to be, but instead of bending to the male lead Brown will be taking on her own cases and dealing with the constant realization that her brothers will not be taking her seriously since of course women back in those days obviously did not know what they were doing unless they were somehow exceptional and worked against the grain, which Brown tends to do anyway since she is one of the most popular figures in pop culture at this moment. The persona of the take no prisoners all go no quit is something that she’s done quite well and should be able to reprise quite easily in a role such as this.

I do tend to wonder now if she’ll be meet up with her own arch nemesis much as her older brother did in Moriarty. To see her go up against another super smart young woman, or perhaps a grown woman that’s miles more experienced than she is, might be yet another enticement to go see the movie. I get the feeling that a lot of people will go to see it just because Millie Bobby Brown is in it, but upon learning what it’s about and what role she’ll be playing it’s easy to imagine that they’ll decide to go closer to opening day just to get a glimpse of what’s going to happen.

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