Miles Teller as Nova? It Could Work

Miles Teller as Nova? It Could Work

Miles Teller as Nova? It Could Work

It’s a little too easy to say that one actor or another can take on a role since they’ve been doing a great job over the years, and they’re on a serious upswing at the moment. But it’s just as easy to see that there is a chance that one actor or another might actually be worth the effort of placing in a skin-tight suit to see if they can act their way into the hearts and minds of the fans. Miles Teller has been making a big impact in recent years, regardless of his time spent as Reed Richards in the ill-fated attempt at remaking The Fantastic Four. His recent role as Rooster in the Top Gun sequel makes it clear that he can act with a great deal of attitude, which is something that the character of Richard Rider has displayed in the comics and is known for among fans. His inherent toughness is also a great trait since it builds up the character in a big way that goes with the character. There have been moments in the comics when Nova has been less than effective, but in the MCU it’s fair to think that he should be given a lot more importance. 

As a character in the Marvel Universe, Nova has been given a great deal of importance over the years, so it’s easy to think that he should be given at least something of an origin story to back up his place in the universe, not to mention a purpose that’s kept him out of the major battles at this time. This is where the MCU made a huge mistake when it came to introducing the Infinity Saga before the Fox merger was complete. It was also a mistake because there were so many other characters who were included in the Infinity Saga that moving forward without several of them felt like a bad idea. But let’s be fair, Infinity War and Endgame were still highly successful movies that, had they been made later, wouldn’t have benefitted from the appearance of a few actors that were so great. 

But this does suggest that with Nova coming to the MCU there will be another huge conflict that will be considered a galactic threat since this is well within his wheelhouse. This role does feel as though it’s something that Miles would be smart to decide on soon though since at some point every actor is going to age out of these roles no matter how good of an actor they might be. Placing Teller in this role would be easy enough since he has the build, the look, and the overall acting ability to make this work. The truth is that Nova isn’t the smartest individual, so Miles wouldn’t have the pressure of needing to be the brainiac that the role of Reed Richards required, but he is a tough and kind of hot-headed individual, which was seen as a skill that Miles can present thanks to his time in the Top Gun sequel. In other words, he’s well-suited to this role since it’s very likely that he could make it believable and step into Nova’s spot without too much trouble. 

There are likely several other actors that might fit this role just as well, but the choice of Miles Teller feels like one that might not be among the first that people would expect, no matter that he’s been climbing the ranks in a big way. Sometimes the least conventional choice feels like it would be the best, as there are few actors in the MCU at this time that a lot of people wouldn’t have expected to see in their current roles. Thinking that Teller couldn’t take this role would be a huge sign of disrespect for his talents, but if he were to lose out to another actor that was even better it would be understandable. Still, with the temperament he’s shown that he can display, the calm and cool demeanor that he can bring to the camera, and his overall physical stature, it does feel as though Teller should be given heavy consideration for this role and would be someone that could step into the part in a way that few others could. 

It’s interesting to think of what those in charge are looking for at times since it’s obviously not what the fans are hoping for at all times given that there has been so much backlash toward one character or another in the recent past. But when casting a character that people know and care about it does stand to reason that those in charge would take into account that while they’re helping to tell the story, that story doesn’t sell unless the fans happen to like it. At this time, Teller is kind of a popular name in the business, so catering to those that like seeing him makes this feel like a smart move. 

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