10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mike Pyle

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mike Pyle

Mike Pyle is making headlines these days, and it’s not just because he is a reality television star. He’s one of the men featured on Inside Out alongside Carmine Sabatella, and the two are headed over to Rock the Block Season Two, as well. The reason they are making headlines right now is that they have so much chemistry and get along so well on the show that fans are wondering if they are a couple. The truth is that they are most certainly not a couple because they are both happily in relationships with other people – Sabatella is married to his longtime love Ryan Delair – and Pyle is a brand-new dad with the love of his own life. It’s time the world gets to know Mike Pyle a little better.

1. He is Exceptionally Talented

This man is nothing short of an artist. He has spent twenty years of his life working in landscaping, but it’s his very unique talent that sets him so far apart from the rest of the world. He creates living works of art – literally; he creates famous artwork like “Starry Night,” with his landscaping. It’s something amazing.

2. He’s A Giver

Another word we could use to accurately describe Mike Pyle is generous. He not only creates beautiful works of living art for his community, he also gives back in a big way. He’s been known to make beautiful donations to programs such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as more local foundations such as Dana Point, California’s local Ocean Institute.

3. He is In a Relationship

There is a lot of speculation surrounding his relationship, too. It seems that neither he nor his partner wear wedding rings, nor have either ever shared any wedding photos on their social media accounts. However, her name is Lizzie Farag. She’s a nurse who works in the emergency room.

4. He’s a Brand-New Dad

Mike Pyle is currently living the life of his dreams. He is living with the love of his life and their newborn baby. Her name is Stevie, and she is only a year old. She was born in December 2019, and she is just a doll. His life is never going to be the same – but in the most beautiful manner.

5. He is a Proud Dad

He might not have a long history of being a dad, but he’s been a proud dad since the moment his daughter was born. He posts many photos of her over on his Instagram page – even though it is also his business page – and the world cannot get enough. He clearly dotes on his baby girl, and we imagine that they are the very best of friends.

6. He’s a Californian

We have no idea if he was born and raised in California, but we do know he’s been in the area for at least a decade. He lived and worked in Palm Springs for a long time, but he later made his way over the Orange County, and that’s where he calls home these days.

7. He Works Well with Carmine Sabatella

While he and his co-host might work so well together that they have fans wanting to know if they are a couple, they are not. You already know that they are both with other people, but that does not take away from the fact that they make a wonderful duo on-screen. They have a great working relationship, which is so important in their lives.

8. He Always Tries to Do Better

He is a man who strives for the best of the best anytime he does anything related to his work or his personal life, but he also tries to learn from each process so that he can work on making the next one even better. He knows that one of the beautiful things about what he does is that there is always room for improvement, and he can always do a little bit more or a little bit less to achieve a lot more.

9. He’s Private

Mike Pyle doesn’t discuss his personal life too often. He’s not hiding anything. He shares photos of his family on the internet, but he knows that their privacy is very important and that he cannot allow his family to become too accessible to the rest of the world. They very much need their own downtime.

10. He’s Good at What He Does

This is a man who knows what he is doing when it comes to design and landscaping. He has an eye for things that work, and he is not afraid to step outside the design box and try something new for a client. He takes their considerations, budget, ideas, and thoughts into mind, and he creates something so much better than even they imagined.

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