10 Things You Didn’t Know about Michele Fitzgerald

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Michele Fitzgerald

Michele Fitzgerald

Born on May 5th in 1990, Michelle Fitzgerald was is a travel consultant when she’s not playing games on reality TV, like the infamous survival show, Survivor. Fitzgerald played the game during the 32nd season, but before embarking on the journey of her life, she stayed busy in her everyday life with work, which included a variety of fields and jobs, some of which included the hospitality industry. Fitzgerald grew up in your average family, with her mother Linda, her father Ralph, and a brother and sister. She may have felt like her life was fairly average before she won a spot on Survivor Kaôh Rōng, but it’s anything but average now. Many people recognize Michelle Fitzgerald from the show, and it’s because she is the one who walked away the grand prize and the title as the sole survivor. If you are a fan of the infamous show of fierce competition and survival, then you may already know who she is. But here are 10 things you didn’t know about Michelle Fitzgerald.

1. She appeared on the 32nd season of Survivor

Fitzgerald was chosen as one of the 18 contestants to appear on Survivor Kaôh Rōng. This season of the show’s theme was, brain, versus brawn, versus beauty, which meant you were chosen for your tribe according the category you fit. Fitzgerald fell under the category, beauty, and was assigned to the tribe, Gondol to start.

2. The episode was filmed before the 31st episode

Despite her appearing on the 32nd episode of the popular survival show, Fitzgerald’s episode was actually filmed before the 31st episode. The two episodes were filmed back-to-back in the same location. They just aired the next filmed episode, Survivor Cambodia, first.

3. Why she wanted to be on the show

Fitzgerald had a few reasons for wanting to try out for Survivor. In an interview about her reasons for submitting an application, she explains how she has always loved a challenge. She says that she likes things that bring her out of her comfort zone, but ultimately, it was the money that drove her to want to be a contestant. And what was part of the money for? Well, apparently Fitzgerald was driving an old jalopy and needing a new car, and now, she can afford a nice one!

4. She’s held a number of jobs

When the show Survivor began to film, Fitzgerald had been working as a bartender. Prior to that, she was a caterer as well as an intern for an environmental awareness organization known as Rock the Earth. The organization works with a lot of musicians and they appear at a wide variety of music events, according to the site, Rocktheearth.org. This is because they know that musicians have the ability to reach lots of people and are an avenue to help them spread the word about environmental issues. At the time of the filming of announcing the winner of the competition, Fitzgerald was now working as a travel agent.

5. She dated an ex-survivor

Fitzgerald is known to have dated a previous Survivor winner. She was previously connected to Wendell Holland, the winner of Survivor: Ghost Island, the episode that aired in 2018. The two are no longer together, but are still friendly, according to Hollywoodlife.

6. She’s best friends with a fellow contestant she voted off

Julia Sokolowski was a fellow mate on the show who Fitzgerald befriended, however, as a part of the game and forming a strategy to win, Fitzgerald made the decision to be a part of a scheme to blindside Sokolowski and get her kicked off during one tribal council. Despite the blindside, the two girls remain friends to this day.

7. She’s a college graduate

She attended Montclair State University in New Jersey and earned a B.S. degree in communications, though she has a well-rounded work ethic and has learned a variety of skills in the workforce.

8. She was considered a weak player to start

It was the final tribal conference and time to vote between the last two survivors. The rest of the survivors who had already been booted from the game return to vote, and speak their mind about the final two players, as well. Fitzgerald was given both negative and positive feedback for how she played the game. She was ridiculed for being such a weak player in the beginning, but congratulated for upping her game and getting stronger as the game progressed.

9. She was the only contestant to win the most coveted reward more than once

Winning immunity is the most coveted reward you can win, when competing on Survivor. Winning immunity keeps you safe from elimination at the tribal conference, and many contestants will never win one immunity while on the show, much less, more than one. Fitzgerald was fortunate in that she was able to obtain immunity twice while playing the game, and that was the most anyone ever got while being a part of the 32nd episode.

10. Harry Potter inspires her

A lot of people are fans of Harry Potter and the entire series, whether it is the book, movie series or both. According to Survivor Fandom, Fitzgerald admits to not only being a fan of Harry Potter, but claims he is an inspiration for her, saying that she admired the fact that Harry Potter (the character) was able to ‘face darkness and adversity.’ She says that it is Potter that makes her realize her admiration for anyone who can overcome adversity without complaining about the hand they were doubt. It shows real strength.

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