10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Todd

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Todd

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Todd

Michael Todd is described as “the man with two first names” on his Bachelor Nation bio. He was on “The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart,” where he hoped to find a woman who could rock his world. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and now he can concentrate on his music, which he wants to become the soundtrack to our lives. Still, from the way his original song “Hot Touch” went down on national television, he can only keep his fingers crossed even with his music career. With the exposure he got from the show, you must be curious to know more about him, so here are ten facts to help you.

1. He tried being a show-off on the show

There is nothing as beautiful as serenading someone you love, and the Mexicans have perfected this romantic gesture that has been part of their traditions for decades. Michael, on the other hand, may have missed the purpose of a serenade because he immediately started serenading the ladies whom he barely knew. Matter of fact is he was the first one to begin strumming his guitar, but his song did not impress anyone.

2. He can be a bit aggressive

Gone are the days where dating could go for even three months without ever kissing a girl on the lips; today, they take things to the next level on the first night. Michael seems to be a guy who moves very fast when he is with a lady, without considering if the feeling is mutual. Therefore on the first night, he tried kissing Savannah, and she was pissed since she confessed to dodging a kiss after being in the mansion for only an hour.

3. He is indecisive

Michael Todd believes that you should not change the goal; go back to the drawing board and change the strategy. He seemed to be determined to survive the first night come what may, even if it meant forcing connections. Therefore after Savannah showed that she was not interested in his kisses, Michael set his eyes on Bri and tried making a move on her. He asked if she would like to join him in the bathtub, but Bri said she needed to use the restroom hence had to find it.

4. He was eliminated in the first night

On the first night, four men, unfortunately, did not get a rose resulting in them being sent home. Michael was among them, but from the way things had transpired since he stepped into the mansion, it was not a surprise. Funny thing is according to Screenrant among the four eliminated men, Michael was the only one who got lots of screen time. Fans did not get to see the faces of Jack Mason and Russell Johnson until the rose ceremony, and while Josh Hester was among the three men who sparked a connection with Julia, she chose Sheridan instead of leaving him without a rose.

5. Fans didn’t like him

As much as you cannot please everyone, the fact that no one likes you should make you rethink your behavior, and Michael probably needs to do so. Fans of the reality show could not help but show their disgust of the reality star, with one person going as far as calling Michael “TV’s new Cringe King.” Others hoped that he would be sent home on the first night, and they got their wish. One even commented that Michael’s singing and speaking made her ears bleed while yet another said that every girl would be thinking of running away from Michael after being with him for 5 seconds.

6. He has been receiving lots of sympathy on social media

Despite the hate that Michael got while on the show, his followers have been quite sympathetic. After being eliminated, he posted a picture saying that he cannot win them all. His followers comforted him, saying that although he did not get to last for more than a night, he at least performed an original song. Others believe that he had a good run while another said that they enjoyed watching him on the show, adding that he represented the central valley.

7. He might soon become an Instagram influencer

Michael may not have made a good impression on his castmates or the show’s fans, but some people think he will make the ideal business partner. In one of his Instagram pictures, the reality star is captured smoking a cigar while walking in a beautiful field of flowers, one hand in his leather jacket. One of his followers, Kenzu Street Wear, felt compelled to tell Michael to collaborate with them; Kenzu Street Wear is a fashion brand, and they were impressed with Michael’s style.

8. He likes keeping fit

Three years ago, Michael was proud of reaching his target of 300 pounds, thanks to consistently working out in the gym. He has managed to maintain his six-pack and biceps as he keeps showing off on Instagram much to the delight of his followers, who are always impressed. His muscles are so big that someone asked if he uses supplements while another asked if he bothered to lift. Michael said that even with such a body, he continues to do some weightlifting.

9. He takes pride in his car

It has been said that the way a man maintains his vehicle says a lot about him, and a clean car shows that he can take care of his possessions. Besides, women are attracted to men with cars; hence having one will affect your date-ability. That being said, Michael refers to his car as his baby and does not mind taking his time to wax it thoroughly. Although that photo dates back to two years ago, we hope that he has not forgotten the habit lest he remains single forever.

10. He loves the outdoors

From his Instagram, it is clear that Michael enjoys being in the outdoors, and he has a soft spot for nature. Therefore if he is not by the lake throwing rocks into the water, he is standing on the beach captivated by the ocean blue waters. He also likes to keep his adrenaline flowing because, in one photo, he is skydiving. He might have a particular preference for rocky places, considering that most of his pictures have rocks in the background.

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