The Top Five Michael Pitt Movie Roles of His Career

Michael Pitt is kind of an easy character to forget unless you’ve seen him more than once. That’s no disrespect to his acting ability, the guy can perform without question, but his range is a bit narrow at times to be honest. Thankfully the roles he takes on usually require him to be about the same level of disquieting calm as he usually seems to be and don’t require a lot of range. The films and shows he’s been in have seen him do wonderfully but in order to stretch out he really seems to need to find a wider range of emotions and facial expressions to pull from. There are moments when he’s definitely able to move on from the look you see above, but more often than not you’ll likely see a variation of this in his movies with a touch of some other emotion to show that he’s not always looking this perplexed or starstruck, or whatever that look is.

One thing to remember though, he’s not related to Brad Pitt in any way, shape, or form. It’s been discussed at length and no way, now how is he related to Brad, so don’t bother trying to make the connection.

5. The Village – Finton Coin

There’s no such thing as a bad boy in this village since everyone is so toned down in their manner that you can’t help but wonder if they’re being continually drugged or are just that dim to think that there’s nothing beyond the woods that ring their home. Well honestly they do think there’s something, but it’s something so terrifying that it keeps them within their borders and afraid to do much more than traipse about the village. But Finton is the guy in town that’s popular, liked by just about everyone, and is kind of a dandy but is also proven to be a bit of a coward later on.

4. Ghost in the Shell – Kuze

If you can push past the idea that this film was considered to be awful due to the fact of whitewashing then you should be able to at least see the story that it was taken from. Kuze is made out to be the bad guy initially in the film, but even then it doesn’t feel like this is right. If anything he sounds like  revolutionary that is fighting against what he believes to be a corrupt system that needs to be taken down. He might be one of the extremists that goes about things in a way that seem a little crazy, but he hardly ever seems like the bad guy. Honestly he really comes off as the person that’s just tired and ready for the fight to be over finally, someone that’s seen too much and doesn’t want to have to keep going.

3. Jailbait – Randy

On a scale of one to ten this movie goes straight to eleven and then breaks the knob off. Randy is a 20-year old convict serving 25 years and is bunked with a man serving a life sentence with nothing to lose. At first it seems like his fellow convict, Jake, will be a decent guy. But when he starts talking about his worst sexual encounters things take a turn for the worst and Randy soon realizes that as bad as he thought his life was at that moment, it just took a very serious left turn into something he couldn’t even begin to fathom. As the film goes on he contemplates killing Jake, but finds out that he can’t do it. As though to just make things a little darker however Jake continues to convince Randy that if not for him, life could get a whole lot worse.

2. Murder by Numbers – Justin Pendleton

Murder by high school kids might seem like something that wouldn’t be too difficult since many of them think that it’s a matter of watching the TV shows and learning what the cops will look for. The only thing is that without the experience or the maniacal wisdom of a seasoned killer many young wannabes will get caught simply because they forgot about one important detail or another. Plus, a lot of killer seem to forget that cops are trained to track murderers down and rely on instincts that say to never close any case until you’re good and satisfied that everything has been looked at from every angle. Justin didn’t seem as up for it as Richard did, which is proven when he finally admits to what he did.

1. Funny Games – Paul

This is a remake of an older film but it’s still considered to be one of the most messed up movies ever made. Two young men decide to prey on wealthy families that are vacationing by a lake and take their antics to such a ridiculous level of crazy that one can’t help but sit and watch, mesmerized, as they torture and finally kill every last one of them. It’s simply an exercise in chaos to be honest.

Yes he’s easy to forget, but he does put in a good performance.

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