10 Things You Didn’t Know about Michael Gerow

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Michael Gerow

This season of American Idol is full of talented singers, and Michael Gerow is one of them. The 16-year-old singer decided to perform an original song for his American Idol audition which, as long time fans know, is something that is typically frowned upon. Michael, however, left the judges stunned with his vocal abilities and his songwriting skills. Not only did he earn a Golden Ticket to Hollywood, but the judges expressed that they think he could seriously earn the title as the next American Idol. Whether he actually makes it all the way to the end is yet to be determined, but he’s looking forward to the journey ahead. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Michael Gerow from American Idol.

1. He’s Always Dreamed Of Being On American Idol

Michael has been an American Idol fan for years, and he’s always envisioned himself one day getting the chance to sing on the Idol stage. Now that that time has finally come, he couldn’t be any more excited. Even if he doesn’t end up winning the season, just being on the show will likely do wonders for his career.

2. There Were Two Other Songs He Considered Auditioning With

As mentioned earlier, doing an original song on American Idol is usually a pretty big risk. Not only are you giving the judges the chance to critique your voice, but they’ll also be paying close attention to the song. When Michael was thinking about what he wanted to perform for his audition, he had two other options he was considering: “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith and “The Bed I Made” by Alan Stone.

3. He Loves Spending Time Outdoors

Michael spends a lot of time working on his music, but at the end of the day he wants to enjoy his teenage years just as much as anyone else. He loves to have a good time and relax with his friends. Being outside is one of his favorite ways to spend his free time and he enjoys doing things like surfing.

4. He Has a YouTube Channel

When you’re trying to make a name for yourself in the industry, it’s important to generate as much buzz as possible. Michael created a YouTube channel in 2014, however, his first upload is dated 2021. Although he only has a handful of videos on the channel, he has managed to get over 18,000 views.

5. He’s Popular on TikTok

YouTube isn’t the only platform where Michael has been trying to build a strong foundation. Like many other members of Gen Z, Michael has taken a liking to TikTok and his content has been well-received. At the moment, he has nearly 150,000 followers on TikTok and his videos have gotten over 2 million likes.

6. He’s All About Positivity

For most people, life comes with lots of ups and downs and it can be very hard not to be overwhelmed by the downs. Even those things for Michael haven’t always gone the way he’d hoped, he has done his best to maintain an optimistic outlook. His positive attitude has helped him throughout life and it will also be helpful during the competition.

7. He’s A Private Person

Despite being popular on on social media and being on the path to becoming a music superstar, Michael doesn’t appear to be the kind of person who relishes being in the spotlight. He seems to prefer keeping his personal life out of the public eye. Hopefully, we’ll all get to learn more about him as the season goes on.

8. He Has A Large Support Group

Anybody who has ever chased a big dream knows how important it is to be surrounded by supportive people. While some creatives struggle to gain the support of the people closest to him, Michael hasn’t had that problem. He’s fortunate to be surrounded by people who are excited to watch him achieve his dreams.

9. He’s Already Released Music

If you loved hearing Michael sing an original song during his American Idol audition, you’ll be happy to know that he has even more where that came from. He’s already released a single called “Not The Same” and it is available on all major streaming platforms.

10. Piano Isn’t The Only Instrument He Plays

Michael isn’t just a singer, he’s an all around musician and he’s already given the world a little taste of what he can do. His talent doesn’t stop there, however. In addition to playing the piano, Michael is also a guitarist. Maybe we’ll get the chance to see him play during the season.

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