Who Are All The Members of The X-Force and Will There be a Movie?

When you factor in the members of X-Force and whether there should be a movie about them you really need to figure out just how X-Force started and who the original members were. None of them are in the picture above to be honest, since Angel, now Archangel, was an original X-Man, and Fantomex, Deadpool, Psylocke, and Wolverine came later on. The original X-Force was comprised of Cable, Cannonball, Boom-Boom, Shatterstart, Feral, Domino, and Warpath. As the years went on the team would change its lineup obviously as more and more noted mutants and even other heroes came along to fill out the ranks. But perhaps a movie about X-Force is now on the horizon.

At this point however the first time you’re going to see any force like this will be in the upcoming Deadpool 2 since in the trailers he’s actually been heard to speak the name after assembling his team. The only downfall is that they’re going to be opposing Cable rather than joining up with him at first. This would be par for the course really when it comes to the relationship between Cable and Deadpool, since in the comics they would often try to kill each other until they reached the point that they could actually work with one another. This coming version of X-Force however is going to be hard to get used to simply because not that much is being given in the way of information, other than the fact that a couple of very well-known names are joining the team and should come off as pretty cool. Shatterstar and Domino will be there, so you know that the producers are at least paying some attention to the source material.

Of course we’ve yet to hear anything about the others, but it could be that we’ll see Boom-Boom and Cannonball in the upcoming New Mutants, whenever that decides to get pushed to the forefront, as they were members of that team as well. X-Force seems to be a more adult team at the moment and names like Bedlam, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Domino are more prominent at this point and far more popular. But the above team seems like it would be able to carry a movie, so long as Psylocke and Logan weren’t bound to get their own solo movies anytime in the near future. There is a possibility of overloading the fans on a character even if they’re considered to be highly desired, and oversaturating the market with superheroes is a very real possibility.

Were an X-Force movie to be in production it would need to be brought out perhaps next year or a couple years from now as right at the moment superhero movies are red hot and are attracting a lot of attention. But the crowd is notably fickle and could be swayed to move in another direction any given season, so springing this kind of movie on the heels of so many great ones would not be a good idea. An X-Force movie might be awesome, but you’d have to be very selective about the characters that were selected.

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