10 Things You Didn’t Know about Megan McKenna

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Megan McKenna

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Megan McKenna

This beautiful, talented girl is English-born Megan Elizabeth McKenna, born on September 26, 1992 in Barking, London. Megan McKenna is a girl with many talents and ambitions. She is a singer and songwriter, a businesswoman and entrepreneur, and a television personality. The talented McKenna has appeared on a number of reality TV shows, from talent competition shows, to Celebrity Big Brother, and has even hit the Country Music Charts with her very first album. If you are a reality TV fan, you may have seen this talented beauty who’s also known to have a bit of an attitude, but here are 10 things you didn’t know about Megan McKenna.

1. She appeared on Britain’s Got Talent

McKenna made her first appearance when she was accepted to appear on the third series of the British version of America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, in 2009. She didn’t win in the end, however, she made it all the way to the semi-finals and it only inspired to keep going and trying to get her lucky break.

2. She studied musical theater

McKenna is a musically talented girl who not only can sing, but she also plays the violin, something she’s done ever since she was a child. Despite her love for the violin, McKenna has said that she really wanted a singing career, so that’s where she chose to focus her attention. In order to hone-in on her skills, McKenna applied to, and auditioned for two theater schools, including Ravens Court Theater School and down the road, the Arts Educational School, which is where she was ultimately accepted and attended. In an interview, she claims her grandparents that helped pay her school fees for the first few years, but it was her parents that relocated from their home in Barking, to Chiswick where the school’s located, so she could attend.

3. It was after appearing on Ex on the Beach that her career took off

Although McKenna had already appeared on the Britain’s Got Talent show in 2009, it was her appearance on Ex on the Beach in 2015 that is said to have helped spark her television roles. The show features celebrities living with their Exes and is filmed in different settings each season. One-by-one, couples are evicted, similar to Big Brother. Following her appearance on Ex on the Beach, McKenna was asked to be a cast member on another reality series, The Only Way to Essex.

#4. She was bullied as a child

She may be beautiful now and hard to imagine that she could have ever dealt with something like bullying when she was a kid, but according to Heatworld, McKenna opened up in an interiew and discussed her secondary school years and stated this about her experience, “When I was younger I was actually really shy. I wasn’t a popular girl. The other girls didn’t like that I was a bit different. “I liked to sing and I played the violin. I never really fitted in with the group and wanted to go and do my own thing.” It was then that her grandparents paid for her to attend theater school and get her out of her town, to which she added, “N’aww — you can always rely on your nan and granddad, can’t you?

5. Simon Cowell doubts her ability to be taken seriously

The X-Factor has helped many artists get their start in a music career. It’s the show where the famous, Simon Cowell, along with other judges, give their votes on whether you’ve got what it takes to become a star. Since McKenna was trying to focus on her singing career, she decided to audition for the show in 2013, but only made it to the boot camp level. In 2014, she gave it another shot and tried to impress the, hard-to-impress, Simon Cowell. During this time around, McKenna did get a compliment on her voice from Cowell, however, he was quick to doubt her ability to ever be able to get fans to take her seriously due to her being from Wessex.

6. She had a chart-topping country single

Despite Simon Cowell’s thoughts on McKenna’s country music abilities, she seems to have proven the picky judge wrong by not only releasing her first album in 2017, but her song, High Heeled Shoes, from the album, topped the Country Music Chart. Following the release of her album and her song topping the Country Music Chart, McKenna went on to perform at the British Summer Time Festival in 2018.

7. She opened her own restaurant

The entrepreneur side of McKenna drove her to open her own restaurant, the MCK Grill, which was opened in May of 2017 and located in Woodford Green. It was to be a cool and relaxing place to eat, and with a celebrity lineup for the launching, she had high hopes of it taking off. Unfortunately for McKenna, the eatery was not a success and just 14 months after opening, records showed that liquidators were due in to dissolve the business.

8. She’s known for her bad temper

McKenna is known for having a bit of an attitude and temper and she showed it in a number of her shows, like Big Brother and TOWIE, though she claims she doesn’t think it was quite as bad on the latter. McKenna was also known to drink a bit more than she knew she should, which could have fueled her temper, but she has claimed to have stopped drinking and attended therapy for her habit. As far as her outbursts during her Big Brother episodes, McKenna had this to say about it; “I don’t think I’ve lost it too much on TOWIE. I haven’t gone as mad as I did on Big Brother, anyway. You won’t ever see that again. I’ve changed since then.” She claims she has grown up mores since those days, so good for her.

9. She changed the look of her lips

Lip fillers are a popular thing for women who want bigger, pouttier lips, and it is definitely seen in celebrities who want to give their  look an edge. McKenna has admitted to having lip fillers, and in many of her photos over time, you can see the fullness of her lips did change, however, it was later, in October of 2019, that McKenna discussed her cosmetic procedure and revealed that she wound up having her fillers dissolved and has gone back to her natural look.

10. She’s had several failed relationships

McKenna has been in a number of relationships over the years, and some have been on-again-off-again. She began dating Pete Wicks in March of 2016, a cast member of The Only Way is Essex, but the couple called it quits in 2017. The following year, McKenna hooked up with Mike Thalassitis, a contestant from Love Island, and again, the relationship ended by August of 2018. Another relationship McKenna is known to have been involved with was a reality star from Ex on the Beach, Stephen Bear. The couple remained a couple for only three episodes before it ended, too.

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