Remember When Donal Logue was Jimmy the Cab Driver on MTV?

Remember When Donal Logue was Jimmy the Cab Driver on MTV?

You’ve seen Donal Logue, you know you have. He’s been like the every man in so many different movies and TV shows that it’s almost impossible that you haven’t seen him. But watching him back in the day on MTV as Jimmy the Cab Driver sure brings back memories. It might date a lot of us that can recall these times but at one point he was kind of the weirdo that you didn’t know what to think about. Once he started getting hot as an actor however his stock just kept going up and up and he no longer had to act like a goofball just to get noticed. Of course he still acts like a goof every now and then as though he has a desire to keep to his roots.

If you take a look at his resume you’ll understand just how likely it is that you’ve seen him a few times since he’s been in so many different films and TV shows that it’d be just about impossible to miss him. His acting days are far from over but to see everything he’s done is kind of awe-inspiring since he’s come a long way from his stint as Jimmy the Cab Driver. You can obviously tell a little bit about when he managed to get this role since he’s quoting Alanis Morissette throughout a good part of it. Plus the 90’s were just kind of a crazy time which kind of accounts for the MTV spot anyway. Logue has been associated with a lot of different productions that are anything but completely sane but in recent years he’s really been sticking to roles that paint him in a rather professional light.

Lately he’s had roles in Gotham and the Cloverfield Paradox, but if you can recall he was also in Blade, Ghost Rider, and even had a brief role on Jerry Maguire. There isn’t a lot he hasn’t done at this point, in fact he even had a rather despicable role on Sons of Anarchy that people were probably cheering to see get taken out when it finally happened. The point is that as Jimmy the Cab Driver he was kind of goofy and definitely weird, but it managed to get him enough attention that he was able to go on and make a career out of acting. Since then he’s taken on very serious roles that have managed to elevate him in a way that isn’t exactly enough to become lead material, but is definitely enough to be the strong supporting cast member that has a lot more lines and a lot more influence throughout whatever production he’s in.

Honestly it seems like he’s been able to exert his authority in any role he’s been in throughout the last decade. This likely comes with age and experience, as the older an actor gets it seems the more leeway some of them are allowed. Donal Logue tends to have a great deal of influence over a show or a movie, and it usually seems to go just fine.

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