Benedict Cumberbatch Surprises Comic Book Store Dressed as Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch Surprises Comic Book Store Dressed as Doctor Strange

It’s reasonable to think that a person might expect to see someone dressed up in costume walk into a comic book store every now and again, but to think that someone who’s starring in an MCU movie would walk into a comic store is kind of up there with seeing a UFO, it’s something that people might brag about, but it’s not something you’re going to hear about all time. While shooting the movie Doctor Strange some time back, Benedict Cumberbatch was goaded by his director, Scott Derrickson, to walk into a nearby comic store in full costume. Obviously Benedict didn’t balk at the chance as he made his way into the store where he was instantly recognized and was definitely made to feel welcome. Really, would there be any comic store that wouldn’t welcome him? This is one of the guys that’s been making the MCU great after all and his character has been kind of pivotal since he came on the scene. After several rounds of pictures, he did need to excuse himself to go back to filming, but he did leave with an offer of a job should the movie not do too well. Yes, the movie did very well in fact and his appearance in the Infinity movies was even more impressive as Doctor Strange has been, for a long time now, in fact, a very impressive character that’s not physically all that powerful, but thanks to his role as the Sorcerer Supreme he’s able to contend with quite a few heavy hitters in the Marvel universe.

His inclusion into the MCU was highly anticipated and his next movie is bound to be even better since it will see the return of Chiwetel Ejiofor as  Baron Mordo and will also include Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff. The movie will also be the big reveal of the multiverse, the multiple worlds that the Marvel universe has been using for a while, and that could possibly open up and expose such teams as the Fantastic Four and the X-Men to the MCU finally. Unfortunately, that movie isn’t bound to come until sometime in 2022 thanks to the pandemic and the need to push everything back, but people are already starting to talk about it and are wondering just how the story will play out. There’s so much that can be done by opening up the multiverse that it’s enough to make a fan’s head spin, but with Doctor Strange hopefully locked in for a while it’s fair to say that there are a few noted directions that people would love to see things go. World War Hulk would be one of them since we did already get elements of this storyline, though not enough to really make it stand out as anything other than a secondary plot that went along with the Infinity saga. But to bring an actual World War Hulk saga to life would mean involving pretty much the entire MCU since if the Hulk was finally returned to his expected power levels from the comics it would go a long way towards gaining favor in the eyes of the fans.

Until that happens though one can imagine that Doctor Strange will be kept plenty busy with other matters since the movie that’s coming next will apparently be a horror movie, or something along those lines anyway, as it will hopefully introduce Nightmare, a Doctor Strange villain that’s fairly impressive and should be able to fit nicely into the MCU. The one issue with a lot of Doctor Strange’s enemies is that, apart from Baron Mordo and a few others, a lot of them are interdimensional beings that are so extremely powerful that having Strange fight them anywhere but the earth is the best idea since they would otherwise wreak a serious amount of havoc that would flatten entire cities. If anyone’s doubting that Dormammu would have laid waste to the entirety of the earth just to get at Strange then they might want to read a comic now and again to remind themselves of how insanely dangerous Strange’s enemies are. How many of his enemies are going to be shown before his time in the MCU is up is kind of hard to say since there’s no way to know just how long the MCU will have use of Benedict until they decide to either find a new Sorcerer Supreme as has happened in the comics, or they simply retire the character and move on. Right now the future of the Marvel universe is still kind of up in the air given that Iron Man is gone, Captain America is gone, there’s no telling how long Thor will be around, and the other heroes have yet to really step up and take control. But admittedly it’s interesting to at least wonder how things will turn out.

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