Why Robbie Kay Will Continue to Make it as an Actor

Why Robbie Kay Will Continue to Make it as an Actor

British actor Robbie Kay is only 22 years old, but he’s been acting for a long time. In fact, he’s been taking on roles since he was just 11 years of age. Since that time, he’s starred in projects like Pirates of the Caribbean, Heroes Reborn, Pinocchio and Peter Pan, just to name a few. Obviously, he has become quite at home when he’s in front of the camera. This only makes sense for someone who has spent their most formative years working in the industry. With that being said, there are countless numbers of actors who do exceedingly well in the business when they are children and then go completely off the rails once they reach adulthood. Below are five reasons why this isn’t likely to happen to Robbie Kay, and why he’s going to do just fine as an adult actor. Keep reading to find out more about this dynamic and charismatic young actor.

1. He’s gained valuable experience in both movies and television

Not only has he starred in the aforementioned movies, but he’s also done plenty of television work as well. He currently stars in one of the most popular television shows of its time, Once Upon a Time. he also worked in Sleepy Hollow and other projects. Hos ability to work in different types of projects makes him an extremely versatile actor who is capable of handling practically anything that is thrown at him with relative ease. This is a trait that doesn’t really come along all that often in this particular industry, so it’s one that is highly sought after by those who are in charge of casting actors for various projects.

2. Despite his success, he’s no stranger to rejection

No one would argue that he’s experienced a great deal of success, especially at such a young age. However, he also knows what it feels like to be rejected in the business. In fact, the first two films he worked on proved that he would have to be tough if he wanted to be an actor, as the scenes he shot for both projects ended up on the cutting room floor. Instead of backing away, he merely pressed on, and you can see the end result for yourself.

3. He can do more than just act

It sounds sort of terrible to put it that way, as there are so many people out there who would practically give their right arm to be able to “just act.” However, Kay is well aware that when it comes to the entertainment industry, you have to be able to do it all if you really want to stay relevant for more than a couple of years. As such, he also sings and dances. He even has a full year of classic training under his belt, making him what many in the business call a “triple threat.”

4. He has a good head on his shoulders

One of the reasons that so many child actors don’t make it later on is because they self-destruct. They either don’t know how to handle their fame or they can’t find the same number of roles that they were getting when they were kids. It takes an actor that is able to change and grow as he ages, something that Kay has clearly been able to do quite well. In addition, he doesn’t get too caught up on his own fame. He considers himself an actor, not a celebrity. He’s all about the work and creating the best character he possibly can. He’s not there to get rich or famous, but instead he knows that these things will come for an actor that is versatile enough to handle all the variations that come with the business.

5. He has a strong work ethic

If you want to do well as an actor, you have to be willing to do the work that comes your way. This often means working on projects that are not exactly you idea of perfect, as well as putting in some long hours in order to complete projects on time. Kay admits that he wasn’t really a fan of the show Once Upon a Time, at least not until he was asked if he would participate in it. Once he found out he had a role in the series, he became immersed in the character as if it had always been his favorite show. In other words, he gives every project his best effort, whether it’s his favorite or not.

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