Megan Fox Takes on a Massive Lion in Trailer for Rogue

Megan Fox Takes on a Massive Lion in Trailer for Rogue

Is anyone else able to buy into Megan Fox taking on a lioness in Rogue? Keep in mind that yes, it is a lioness, to begin with, and yes, Megan Fox will somehow be pulling a type of Val Kilmer in The Ghost and The Darkness, only using the Ghost, or the Darkness, it’s hard to know which. But at the very least this movie looks like it might be action-packed, but as a lot of action movies go there’s already a number of fallacies that occurring when encountering a strange house in the middle of nowhere when you’re on the run after helping people to escape what looks like a human trafficking compound. That really feels like it should be a unique situation to a movie, but it’s not. From an action standpoint, this movie does look like it might be fast-paced and able to keep people entertained for a while, but barring that, it also looks like Fox will be getting a chance to pose whenever she can and play the part of the hero in a way that somehow just doesn’t come off as convincing. It’s going to be important to hold off on too much judgment until watching the movie, which will be released near the end of August. But it’s tempting, isn’t it? Megan Fox has been eye-candy for much of her career with all honesty and no rancor, but it does look as though she’s trying to branch out and actually do something.

It could be initial impressions and what we’ve seen of her thus far that’s making it difficult to really accept her in the role of a hardened mercenary, but there’s also the idea that Fox has never been what a lot of people would call a great actor since she has a few telltale looks and otherwise a very big penchant for posing as though she’s at a photoshoot throughout any movie she’s in. This time around the posing kind of needs to be put on hold hopefully so that she can become the commander of a unit of tough and seasoned mercenaries that are apparently sent to liberate someone that, to mercenaries, will be hefty paycheck no doubt. But as you can already guess, their aircraft is taken out and they have to proceed to their destination on foot, which, being in the wilds of Africa, can obviously be a dangerous proposition in an action movie since rarely do we ever see the action take place in the suburbs or in a metropolitan area where there might be more of a chance to blend in with the crowd or just disappear altogether and radio for backup. Nope, they’re firmly set in the wilds, where wild animals are apt to come a-calling since their natural charm is that they show up at the worst possible moments and start to wreak havoc. Plus, it doesn’t matter who they attack, they’re going to mess up the good guys or the bad guys in equal measure before things can be evened out. Well, that last part could be true, but in the trailer, it looks as though the lioness is intent on taking out the mercenaries without really showing how she’s going to take out the enemy.

It does have to be taken into account that the lioness in the trailer looks like something spawned from a hellish CGI nightmare since it doesn’t look or even feel like anything that might be found in nature. This might sound like a lot of needless nitpicking, but with what VFX artists can do these days it feels almost like a dodge to throw something in the mix that’s not up to the standards of the type of design artists that are being paid good money to create something that will look realistic enough to be entertaining. Then there’s the idea that Megan might be the last person standing when all is said and done, save for the individual that she and her group were sent to save. Again, this movie looks like it has plenty of action and that it won’t disappoint when it comes to explosions and gunfire, but with Megan Fox in the lead, it’s just hard to buy as something that might be that convincing. The best thing anyone could do is just suspend any and all belief that she can’t act and wade into this movie with neutral expectations so as not to think that it’s going to tank before it even has a chance to amaze them.  It could be that this will be a decent and exciting movie, but so far from the trailer, it feels that even if the theaters were open that it wouldn’t be making it to the big screen if that had been the intent. Megan Fox as an action hero, that’s going to take some getting used to.

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