Ranking The Top Five Broken Lizard Movies of All-Time

Super Troopers

The five-man comedy group known as Broken Lizard was actually known informally at one point as Charred Goosebeak, which doesn’t seem to carry the same weight or feel of the name that they finally went with. But the five men responsible for this group all went to college together and after the last of them graduated, one failed and got out early, they formed up and created their own brand. Initially they went on to create their own sketches and sought to become known as one might expect, but once they came out with Super Troopers the rest is kind of history and as we know, it’s been a fun and entertaining ride ever since. Not all of their movies thus far have been hits but they’ve all been hilarious in their own ways and starred some very popular celebrities that have only heightened the impact that each movie has made.

Here are some of Broken Lizard’s best movies.

5. Freeloaders

Imagine getting to stay in a friend’s home for free since he’s never there and doesn’t seem to keep up with what’s going on in his own home. Now there’s a kicker: he’s getting married and selling his house, and the freeloading friends have to vacate or find a way that they can stay. The guys from Broken Lizard don’t seem to show up until well into the movie but once they do the hilarity only gets dialed up a few dozen notches since their own brand of comedy is something that makes the scene erupt with laughter the moment they come on. Typically it doesn’t stop until the audience finally wipes the tears from their eyes and acknowledges the sore jaw from laughing so hard.

4. The Slammin’ Salmon

Out of the movies they’ve made in which they’ve starred this is perhaps one of the lesser known among them depending on who you ask. It’s still one of the funnier movies they’ve created since it takes place within a setting that a lot of people are familiar with. It’s a guarantee that restaurant workers in the movies tend to get away with a lot more than anyone in real life possibly could since the kind of antics they get up would get a lot of people fired on the spot. But being as it’s a movie and a comedy at that it’s perfectly allowable and enough to make someone bust up laughing the moment the first gag is pulled.

3. Club Dread

This movie was definitely different from the rest since it carried a much more serious note since it was a comedy thriller/horror movie that didn’t go too heavy with the blood and gore but was still able to make some people squirm in their seats. The whole story revolved around Pleasure Island where Coconut Pete and his crew were set to receive and entertain those that were able to make the trip out. But when your crew starts getting killed off one by one according to song references that make little to no sense it does tend to put a damper on the whole vacation island. By the end of the movie though it was still established that it was meant to be a comedy regardless of the more serious moments.

2. Beerfest

The fabled Oktoberfest in Germany is something that a great many people from all over the world are enamored of as the culture, the drinking, the food, and the continued drinking are a big part of the fun. But in this movie the underground contest that is Beerfest is no joking matter since teams from all over the world come to prove their superiority with drinking games that seem almost physically impossible. When the USA attempts to join however they find that despite their penchant for drinking they have a lot of learning to do when it comes to really matching up to other countries in terms of being able to pound it down.

1. Super Troopers

One thing is for sure, if the cops around any given town or city were anything like this then life might get a lot more difficult but a lot more fun in some regards. Mac, Rabbit, Farva, Thorny, and Foster are the kind of guys that know how to do their job and when to do it, but HOW they do is what keeps people guessing. When their jobs are being threatened however the hilarity still doesn’t seem capable of stopping since it’s so deeply ingrained into all of them that they would have been laughing to the last as their station closed had the movie gone any differently. And come on, who wouldn’t love a cop like Mac hanging around?

It’s always a blast to see another Broken Lizard movie come out, and the only reason I didn’t mention Super Troopers 2, which was hilarious, is because the first one set the precedent without a doubt.

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