Meet the Members of K-Pop Group ITZY

Meet the Members of K-Pop Group ITZY

One of JYP’s newest girl groups is ITZY, a gang of super-talented girls predicted to set the charts on fire over the coming years. Back in February, their debut single DALLA DALLA broke records when it got the highest number of views on YouTube of any debut K-pop music video (hitting 14 million views in just 24hrs, compared to the 4.55 million views held by previous record holder IZ*ONE). This July, we’ve seen them hit the entertainment columns with details of their new official Fandom name (MIDZY, in case you missed the memo), and news of their comeback album IT’z ICY, which is set for release on July 29. Whether their sophomore album will prove as successful as their debut, we’ll need to wait and see, but if their fan’s excitement at the announcement is anything to go by, it’s safe to assume their record label bosses aren’t exactly biting their nails in trepidation. If you’re not as up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of K-pop as you should be, take a look at our breakdown of the group’s core members.


19-year-old Yeji’s birth name is Hwang Yeji, while her English name is Lucy Hwang. Prior to her debut with ITZY, Yeji had already appeared in several shows, including the TV drama Twenty Again in 2015, Stray Kid’s Survival Show in 2017, and the SBS reality competition TV series, The Fan (from which she was eliminated during the fifth episode). Her musical specialties include rap, singing, and dancing, while in ITZTY, she takes the position of leader, main dancer, lead rapper and lead vocalist. When she’s not lighting up the stage, Yeji enjoys tucking into her favorite foods of chocolate and other sweet snacks, playing with her puppy Hongsam, or hanging out with her close friend, Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi.


19-year-old Lia was born on July 21st, 2000, making her a dragon under the Chinese Zodiac sign. Lia was a JYP trainee for just 2 years, making her the youngest trainee to debut. Lia previously attended the Seoul’s School of Performing Arts (SOPA) as a member of the department of Practical Music, but now studies at an International school. Her stage name of Lia (her real name is Choi Jisu) originates from her English name of Julia Choi, which was given to her by her Aunt. Lia spent several years in Canada as a child, and as a result, can speak English fluently. Although she shares a dorm with Yuna, of all the other girls in the band, it’s Chaeryeong with whom she shares the closed bond. According to Fandom, Lia’s favorite food is honey (although she’s also a fan of fruits, pasta, and both Korean and Western foods), and her favorite activities are listening to music and shopping.


At only 18 years old, Ryujin already has a long list of achievements to her name: in addition to starring on BTS’ Love Yourself Highlight Reel as J-Hope and Jimin’s pair, she’s appeared in the 2017 movie The King, featured in Stray Kids’ Survival Show, and ranked number 1 on YG’s MIXNINE (she was even offered the chance to join YG, but elected instead to stay at JYP). At the Hanlim Multi Art School, Ryujin is a member of the department of Practical Dance, and currently shares a room with Yeji. When she’s not snuggling up to her two pet cats, Byullie & Dallie, Ryujin loves spending time hanging out with her Dreamcatcher’s buddies, Jiu and Elris’ Bella, or watching her favorite movie of all time, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.


Fans of K-Pop may already be aware of 18-year-old Chaeryeong Yuna from her appearance on JYP’s show Sixteen all the way back in 2015. That time around, Chaeryeong only managed to poll in 12th place; in the 4 years since then, she’s been honing her skills and now enjoys the position of lead dancer, lead vocalist, and rapper in ITZY. Chaeryeong (whose birth name is Judy Lee) has been training for 5 years, and as Jazmine Media notes, has plenty of help on hand from her sister, Chaeyeon, who’s a member of IZ*ONE. Chaeryeong’s hobbies include watching dramas on TV, sleeping, and treating her taste buds to lots of new and exotic cuisines. Chaeryeong currently attends the Hanlim Multi Art School, at which she’s a member of the department of Musical Theatre, and has the luxury of her own room in the dorm. According to K-Profiles, some little known trivia about Chaeryeong is that her favorite song is Because of You by Ne-Yo, she’s known for her habit of always touching her hair, and her motto in life is “Let’s be a person who knows how to be satisfied”.


Yuna (birth name Shin Yuna) holds the position of lead dancer, rapper, vocalist, visual, and maknae. Born on December 9th, 2003, the youngest member of ITZY’s first taste of fame came in 2017 when she appeared in BTS’ Highlight Reel as Jungkook’s pair. A student of the Department of Practical Dance at Hanlim Multi Art School, Yuna’s appointment to the band came after three years in training- something which has more than equipped her for life in one of Korea’s hottest new bands. Outside of music, Yuna loves walking, shopping and going to restaurants. She’s also a massive fan of football and even played the game herself between the ages of 11 and 15, earning an award for The Best Player of the Match at the Kyeonggido High School Sportsclub Championship in the process. Yuna is currently sharing a dorm with Lia, lists her favorite food as pizza, her favorite color as pink, and her Chinese Zodiac sign as the Goat.

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