Meet the Cast of Netflix’s “In The Shadow of the Moon”

Meet the Cast of Netflix’s “In The Shadow of the Moon”

In the Shadow of the Moon

Crime dramas are something that never seem to go totally out of style since the suspense and the thrill are usually enough to keep an audience interested and wanting more. In the Shadow of the Moon, a new crime thriller starring several well-known individuals that will interact in one way or another, is bound to be something that will get people to tune into Netflix just to see what it’s all about. Samantha Clair of MovieWeb goes into a bit of detail over the main characters and the overall plot of the story, giving just enough to entice the reader in order to get them on board and ready to watch the show.

Here are just a few of the noted celebrities that will show up.

Boyd Holbrook

Some folks might not know his name quite as well as his face since in many ways he’s still the kind of actor that you might recognize immediately but don’t know well enough to call him by name. He’s had several acting credits to his name just in the last few years and he’s become something of a sought-after prospect since he showed up in the History channel’s Hatfield’s & McCoy’s, a biographical drama that caused a bit of a stir among the real-life descendants of both families. He also played the lead role in the latest Predator movie, and was the villainous Peirce in Logan, the reaver that was after the aging mutant to use him for cloning the perfect soldier. Holbrook brings a pretty decent amount of life experience to the screen since he’s played a few different characters at this point and has done well with each one. The differences in his characters is kind of subtle as some might say that he has one setting and can somehow make it work for each role he takes on. But really he’s not a bad actor, though he might have a little ways to go until he’s ready to be called elite without question.

Michael C. Hall

No one could possibly mistake who this is, especially if they’ve seen Dexter. As an actor his legacy has been cemented for quite some time thanks to the show that he headlined for so long, but he’s also had great roles away from the show as well. His career has been going pretty well throughout the years and it’s bound to excite a few people when they see him on this show. Michael tends to bring a level of sophistication and in some cases a lot of intensity to a role when he steps on screen, and is engaging to watch simply because he looks like a normal, run of the mill person that wouldn’t be dangerous in the least bit, but then he hits a switch and becomes the worst nightmare you didn’t expect. For this reason putting him in a thriller of any type is a great idea since his range is obviously good enough to prove that he has the talent and the ability to keep up with many an actor.

Cleopatra Coleman

Cleopatra has been around for a while, mostly on TV and mostly in a few episodes of many of the shows she’s been a part of, but she’s built enough of a career to hang with those that will be in this production. Thus far in her career she’s shown a great deal of aptitude for what she does and is at the level where she can contend with and work with some of the best in the business. Her experience has been building since the early 2000s and as a result she’s managed to finally find her way into bigger and bigger productions with expanded roles that allow her to show more of what she can do and thus more talent that’s been developing as she’s been taking on the gigs that have come her way throughout the years.

The premise of the show is pretty simple, but the idea is kind of eerie since a killer that’s been performing their acts of violence every nine years has resurfaced, though in nine years one might think that something would surface, eventually. But the lead detective in this case tends to go overboard trying to find out the truth, who’s behind it, and to solve the most confusing of details, tearing himself, his family, and everyone around him apart. In a big way it sounds like the kind of project that’s going to have one or more bizarre twists that people will some sort of issue seeing, but won’t come out until almost until the end. So far it sounds like an engaging Netflix production and it could be worth taking a look eventually and seeing if it’s worth the hype. Even if it’s not, Netflix likely has plenty more ideas coming.

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