Meet The Cast Of “City On A Hill”

Meet The Cast Of “City On A Hill”
Meet The Cast Of “City On A Hill”

Credit: City on a Hill

City on a Hill is an award-winning crime drama that has captivated audiences since it premiered in 2019. The show’s second season aired last month, and fans are anxiously awaiting the next episode to air this coming Friday!

City on a Hill has been one of the most successful TV series in recent years, and it’s no surprise why. The show is backed by Kevin Bacon, who plays an iconic role as well; not to mention that this drama also garnered mostly positive reviews from critics! An exciting review came out for The Telegraph when they said: “As far as bloodthirsty capers go, City On AHill isn’t too bad with its particular style.” At the same time, another article comments on how beautifully told stories make up our connectedness through life–“What keeps us watching aren’t simply plotlines but rather their characters’ honesty.”

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon is an actor that has been in the business for decades. He’s best known as FBI agent John “Jackie” Rohr, though he also portrayed characters like Ryan Hardy on the TV show The Following and more recently had two films coming out this year: The Toxic Avenger & Leave The World Behind.
I want to make sure we’re clear about one thing before getting into what makes him so great Kevin isn’t just connected through talent or connections; it sounds almost geographical when you say his name thus far away from his home base, Los Angeles ̶, but there are countless other reasons why these movies work together seamlessly without ever feeling too similar despite their proximity.

Aldis Hodge

Meet The Cast Of “City On A Hill”

Credit: City on a Hill

Aldis Hodge is an actor who has appeared in many different roles. Most people know him from his work on Leverage, where he played Alec Hardison for six seasons and was also awarded two consecutive Emmy awards! He also starred alongside famous rapper Ice Cube during the 2010s decade opposite stars such as Will Smith or Darnell Martin, to name just a few of those appearances; this includes shows like Star Trek: Short Treks (2016)  and The Proud Family – Louder & louder.

Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker is an actor who has spent most of his career on film and TV. He’s best known for playing Francis Ryan in Showtime’s City On A Hill, but you may also know him from The Virgin Suicides or Hostage, where he plays a different character each time! Besides acting, Jonathan pores himself off as one half (with co-star Forest Whitaker) behind video games such as Call Of Duty WWII 2017 portrayal of Private First Class Robert Zussman.

Mark O’Brien

The rain pours down on City on a Hill, coloring everything in shades of dark brown and leaving no visible trace that there was ever any color at all. The only sound you can hear is the steady rhythm of thunder crashing against your eardrum- both physically intimidating as well aesthetically conflicting with its setting; this scene would not feel out of place if it were being played inside an abandoned warehouse or some other industrial space where silence has been deemed more appropriate than what we’re used to hearing nowadays – but then again even those places have things like ventilation systems which make them slightly less feels uncomfortable.

Amanda Clayton

Amanda Clayton’s career has been diverse, with roles in movies and TV shows. For example, she played Alex Montgomery on Winfrey Network soap opera “If Loving You Is Wrong” as well as other popular series like Constantine, Major Crimes Rosewood, NCIS New Orleans, etc

Jere Shea

It’s always a pleasure to see another actor graduate from the workshop at The Actors Studio. Jere Shea has been doing quite well lately, with his performance in City On A Hill earning him an agent and subsequent roles on film projects like Passion (for which he originated Giorgio). With this latest success under his belt, we’re confident there will be even more incredible things ahead for this talented performer!

Kevin Chapman

Kevin Chapman is a familiar face to TV viewers, having appeared in shows like Mystic River and Person Of Interest. However, his latest role sees him playing Detective J.R Minogue of the Police Force, who heads up an intriguing crime-solving team that looks into cases involving serial killers…
In my opinion, this show has excellent production values with superb acting throughout all episodes I’ve watched so far, which makes me want more!

Jill Hennessy

Meet The Cast Of “City On A Hill”

Credit: City on a Hill

Hennessy’s City on a Hill co-starring role will be remembered for years.
In an industry where it seems like everyone is being replaced by robots or computer-generated imagery, Hennessy stands out as someone who has starred in major motion pictures while also maintaining her humanity and screen presence across many TV shows over time periods ranging from the 1990s up until the present day!

Other cast members

The hit Showtime series is not only a vehicle for the stars but also an opportunity to see some of Hollywood’s most promising up-and-coming talent. Other cast members include Lauren E., Cathy Moriarty, Rory Culkin Kevin Dunn, Vincent Elbaz Zoe Margaret Colletti, Mark Ryder Sarah Shahi, Jimmy Cummings Georgina Reilly, James Remar Gloria Reuben, Kathryn Erbe

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