Meet the Cast of All American Season 2

Meet the Cast of All American Season 2

Meet the Cast of All American Season 2

All American is an American television drama show motivated by the life of the retired National Football League player Spencer Paysinger. The series, which was developed by April Blair, first showed on The CW Network on October 10th, 2018, and renewed its second season on October 7th, 2019. Its storyline revolves around an upcoming high school American football athlete who is from South Los Angeles and signs up to play for the Beverly Hills High School. He learns to live with the rich kids of Beverly Hills, and his struggles reflect in their wins and losses on the field. Here is the cast of “All American” season 2.

1. Daniel Ezra as Spencer Paysinger

According to the Times Colonist, Daniel admitted acting in All American has been very demanding but fun because he is British. He plays the main character that moved from his home in Crenshaw to play American Football in Beverly Hills High School. Season two of All American will cast Spencer, the reigning football state champion, making a difficult decision on where he will play the next season. He has to choose between playing for his current Beverly Hills team and transferring to South Crenshaw Chargers, where his father coaches. He has to make decisions based on not only his career but also his personal life. He has friends in Beverly Hills, a girlfriend, and a second family he loves dearly. On the other hand, Spencer is yearning to reconnect with his maternal family. His family includes his father, mother, and brother, all of who are in South L.A. Daniel has appeared in movies like ‘Bypass’ and ‘Better Things.’

2. Taye Diggs as Coach Baker

Billy Baker is the coach of Beverly Hills High and a South LALA native who has a very close relationship with Spencer. Coach Baker has rekindled his relationship with Spencer’s mother, Grace. The two were lovers during their teenage years, and fans were speculating that he could be Spencer’s father. Grace and Baker, however, squashed the rumors and denied that Spencer could be his son. There are also speculations that Coach Baker is Dillon’s father. In season two, viewers will know whether he is Dillon’s biological father or not. People will also see the route his relationship with Spencer will take depending on the decision the player will make. Taye Diggs is also known for starring in ‘Baggage Claim,’ and ‘Till Death Do Us Apart.’

3. Michael Evans Behling as Jordan Baker

Hollywood life reported that Jordan’s character relates to him because he is a grown adult that has to follow his father’s footsteps. In the show, Jordan is Coach Baker’s second son and a quarter back for Beverly Hills High. It is not easy to be the coach’s son; Jordan has to play well; else, he faces criticism from his father and fans. He is also a close friend to Spencer and acts as his mentor when Spencer first arrives in the school. Michael has starred in shows like ‘Empire’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

4. Karimah Westbrook as Grace James

She has been part of the show since season one and plays the mother to Spencer Paysinger and Dillon James. In season one, she lets her son move away from home to pursue his dream of becoming a footballer. Grace has to maintain a good relationship with the father of her kids, Corey, and balance her involvement with Coach Baker, whom she dated as a teenager. The second season will see Grace revealing the truth on whether Dillon is Corey’s or Baker’s son. Karimah is known for her roles in ‘Save the Last Dance’ and ‘The Rum Diary.’

5. Chad L. Coleman as Corey

Corey is Grace’s former spouse, who left because he is uncertain whether Dillon is his son or Coach Baker’s son. Leaving the family has strained the relationship between him and Spencer. Corey is the head coach at South Crenshaw High and is persuading his son Spencer to join his team. Chad has acted in numerous movies such as ‘Speed of Life,’ ‘New York Cop’ and ‘Horrible Bosses.’ He is currently playing Fred Johnson in the Syfy series, ‘Expanse.’

6. Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker

She is the beautiful daughter of Coach Baker, and she had just come from rehab when the first season started. She became Spencer’s friend when he moved to live with his coach because of his school transfer problem. She is also very close to Asher, Spencer’s teammate. Samantha has been cast in several productions such as ‘Polaroid,’ ‘The Empty Man,’ and ‘Cruel Intentions.’

7. Cody Christian as Asher

Asher is Spencer’s teammate. He started playing a key offensive role as the team’s wide receiver before the school recruited Spencer. In season one, Spencer’s arrival does not delight Asher because Spencer has a crush on his girlfriend. That has changed, and they are now close friends. The pressure on improving his game is affecting his performance, and he is struggling to achieve his playing dream. American high school football has a lot of pressure because performance in every game determines one’s future in college. Season one ended with a brewing connection forming between Asher and Olivia as the two are becoming closer. Fans are already speculating that the two might be in an intimate relationship; the second season will clear these rumors. Cody is known for his role as Theo in MTV hit drama, ‘Teen Wolf.’ He has also played in ‘Starving Games’ and ‘Surrogates.’

8. Greta Onieogou as Leila Faisa

Leila is Spencer’s classmate and the most popular girl in school. She is Cody’s girlfriend at the start of the first season, but they break up, and Leila starts dating Spencer. Season two will reveal to fans whether their relationship will continue for long or if there will be drama between them. Greta has appeared in movies like ‘Miss Sloane’ and ‘Victoria Day.’

9. Calesha Murray as Cooper

Cooper becomes Spencer’s best friend from South LALA after he rescues her from bullying. She is famously known as Bre- Z for playing Frida Gatz in Fox’s hit drama series’ Empire. ‘

10. Monet Mazur as Laura Fine-Baker

Monet plays Coach Baker’s wife. Her acting career span for over two decades and she was in the 1993 series, ‘Days of Our Lives.’ She has also appeared in shows like ‘Black Lightning’ and ‘Riverdale.’

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