Meet the Abbott Elementary Cast’s Hilarious Characters

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The Abbott Elementary cast is making headlines right now. The lovely Sheryl Lee Ralph just took home her first Primetime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a comedy for her role as Barbara Howard. Ralph earned her Emmy with her amazing acting skills, and she also made history at the same time. She is the first black woman since 1987 to take home a Primetime Emmy for Best Supporting Actress – and she’s only the second ever. The first and only (until Sheryl Lee Ralph) is Jackee Harry, and she is so excited for her friend and fellow actress.

If that is not impressive enough for you, Quinta Brunson is the woman who stars in the show, wrote the show, and created the show. And she took home her first Primetime Emmy the same night as her costar. She’s the second black woman in history to earn the Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series. Everyone is proud of this show and the work that goes into it. No one expected it to become such a hit. A mockumentary about an elementary school and its teachers doesn’t sound too exciting, but this show is absolute genius – and it’s one you must watch. The Abbott Elementary cast is among the best in the business. Let’s get to know the Abbott Elementary cast now.

Quinta Brunson

She created the show, and she stars in the show – as she should. Her character is Janine Teagues. She teaches second grade and is beyond excited to be a teacher. She’s got that ‘new teacher’ excitement written all over her that no veteran teacher in today’s school system has. She wants to be with her students. She wants to see them grow. She’s their sounding board, their confidante, and she loves what she does. She’s also learning to make her career work with her personal life, and she is making mistakes along the way, as we all do, learning to balance both.

Credit: Abbot Elementary

Tyler James Williams

Janine is quite the woman, and Gregory Eddie knows it. This character was a sub, but he was just hired on as a full-time first-grade teacher, and he has a major thing for Janine Teagues. He does not, however, care much for the school principal. Why? Because that is the job he applied for. He’s better qualified than the woman chosen, and he’s not at all bitter. Kidding; he’s absolutely bitter.

Sheryl Lee Ralph

She’s Barbara Howard, a veteran teacher and unamused by so much of what is going on in the school system. She teaches kindergarten – a job only for the brave. She’s been doing it for decades and is not a technology fan, either. She doesn’t like it and hesitates to use it in her classroom. However, she is the woman that Janine Teagues looks up to the most, and she is now teaching, questioning everything, and working as a role model. She does it well.

Janelle James

Principal Ava Coleman is not qualified for her job, yet here she is. She’s entirely unqualified, she makes more mistakes than she should, and most people wonder why she has a job. She’s doing all the wrong things, and the staff is picking up behind her every step of the way. Coleman is making everything more difficult, but she is blissfully unaware that she’s not so good at her job. She has a huge thing for Mr. Eddie – who does not have a thing for her. If you’re wondering how she landed the job over Mr. Eddie (who is highly qualified), she blackmailed the school board.

Credit: Abbot Elementary

Lisa Ann Walter

Her character is Messlica Schemmenti. She teaches the second grade, and she is someone who makes us all wonder how she got there. She’s funny, amazing, and has some seriously questionable moments. She’s well-connected, but it is also very well-known that all of her connections are as shady as they come. She’s fabulous.

Chris Perfetti

He is Mr. Jacob Hill. He teaches history and is the epitome of the kind of guy who would teach history if you had to come up with one off the top of your head. He’s awkward to the point of almost strange, but he is a good friend to Janine in his own strange way. He supports that she’s trying to change the school and the lives of her students. Still, he’s awkward, and that doesn’t change.

There are plenty of other people who belong to the Abbott Elementary cast, but we wanted to highlight the main characters and the roles they play. If you’re not watching, it’s time to tune in. Abbott Elementary is on ABC, but you can stream season one on Hulu and other streaming services.

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