General Hospital: 5 Reasons We Love Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos

It’s not like anyone else has ever played this character on the hit show General Hospital, but we simply cannot imagine anyone else in this role at any point in our lives. He’s the best at this job, and he might be one of the most iconic characters in the show’s history. It’s been on television for a very long time, and Corinthos wasn’t introduced until 1993. He’s spent 25 years in this role at this point, and that is a big deal. He’s one of the greatest characters of all time, and there are so many reasons we love seeing him in the role.

He Plays A Killer Mobster

Maurice Benard might not be a mobster in real life, but he could certainly fool us in that aspect. He’s a man who plays the role like a champ, and we cannot get over how good he is in this role. He’s someone who makes this role look effortless, and we appreciate that. It takes a stellar actor to make the role look good, and he seems almost as if he was made to play this character. He spent some time on All My Children in the late 80s playing a totally difference character, and fans loved him. However, he just doesn’t do another character justice like he does that of Sonny.

He Brings Out A Wonderful Soft Side

He might be a strong, masculine, devious, deceptive mobster in this role, but he also has a soft side. It’s not common to see someone like this have a soft side for the people he loves the most, but Benard manages to take this hardcore character and turn him into a loving family man when the time is right. He easily transitions this character from cut-throat killer without a soul to a good father who wants to be there for his kids and his wife. He’s a man of many mysteries, and it makes him more interesting in this role.

He Was Only Hired For Six Months

What makes us love him even more is that he wasn’t meant to be part of the show for so long. He’s going on 25 years right now, but he’s also a man who was hired to take on this role for six months. The character was only meant to land in Port Charles for a short period of time, and he was going to be Sonny for that time and then go home. The showing he made was so good that writers decided they would keep him there and allow everything to move forward. It was a wise decision.

He Didn’t Want the Role for Long

One of the best things about this role is that Benard didn’t want it for long, yet it’s the greatest role he’s ever had. He was done with his other soap, and he didn’t want to work in the soaps anymore. However, he was broke, and he didn’t have any other skills to his name. He was offered two different roles, and he chose Sonny for two reasons. He liked his name, and he liked that this role was only meant to last six months while the other was contracted for two-years. He wanted this job for six months, and 25 years later he is in the role like he was made for it. Perhaps because he was made for it.

He’s Got Some Things in Common With His Character

Maurice Benard was given this role because it suits him, and Sonny Corinthos was outed as being bipolar. The truth is that Maurice Benard is also bipolar, and the character was given the same diagnosis as a tribute to the long-time actor. They both know what it’s like to live this life, and that’s what makes Benard so good at what he does. He almost is this character. While we assume he’s not out killing people for sport between takes, we can almost say that he is the character, he created this character, and no one else could every play this character with the same ease as Maurice Benard. And that’s why we can’t see anyone else in this role.

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