The Matrix is Getting a Reboot Without the Wachowskis

The Matrix is Getting a Reboot Without the Wachowskis

Earlier this month while doing an article about Keanu Reeves, I had mentioned how the former The Matrix star mentioned that he would never consider reprising his role as Neo unless the Wachowski brothers were involved.  And even if they were, Reeves had a hard time imagining his character in his 50s.  While a Wachowski created sequel may never happen, Warner Bros. is already working on a reboot of the 1999 cyberpunk action/adventure classic.    Creed star Michael B. Jordan is reportedly headlining the film.

Zak Penn is currently in talks to write a treatment for the reboot, The Hollywood Reporter claims. Penn is best known for his script work on several superhero movies, providing story assistance for other established writers on X-Men: The Last Stand, The Avengers, and Elektra. Jordan, too, has yet to formally commit to the project (which is itself in early stages), but is reportedly in talks for a major role.

While reports are saying that the Wachowski brothers are not involved, Warner Bros will seek their approval before continuing.  It’s also been said that Warner Bros would choose another star and director even if Michael B. Jordan doesn’t sign on.  There’s been no set date for a production schedule and as often happens, the project could eventually be canceled.  However, as one of the most successful sci-fi franchises ever, the studio would have a hard time passing up an opportunity to reboot it.

As far as Matrix fans go I can only guess they will not be happy about this.  I personally feel that The Matrix should be left as is, and never, ever get touched again.  However, I am not Warner Bros and as we all know, cinema isn’t just about making movies, it’s also about making money.  But I have a feeling that once this circulates enough, there’s going to be a lot of backlash online.

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