Marvel’s Midnight Suns: What We Know So Far

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: What We Know So Far

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: What We Know So Far

With lots of rumors finally confirmed, Firaxis (the studio behind the XCOM franchise) and 2K revealed Marvel Midnight Suns. The new strategy game features heroes from X-Men, Avengers, and more. At Geoff Keighley’s Gamescom show, they announced the game in a cinematic trailer. In most cases, Marvel games feature most of the recognizable heroes. However, Marvel’s Midnight Suns give a peek at a remarkably unfamiliar face alongside other famous characters. The trailer introduces Nico Minoru and Dr. Strange working to raise a new hero from the dead. The hero’s name is The Hunter. As you will realize, The Hunter is Lilith’s child. She is an ancient demon who resurrected.

We see Marvel characters such as X-Men, Avengers, and others in the combat scenes throughout the trailer. They are fighting to bring down Lilith together with her followers. Marvel Midnight Suns follow a 1992 comic series, Midnight Sons. The trailer confirms that many of the game’s team members from the stories will participate. However, there is an addition of new characters. Some of them did not exist before in the Midnight Sons run. For example, Nico Minoru made her maiden appearance in 2003 on Runaways. Her backstory and powers presented themselves in the themes of demonic resurrection in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Marvel Midnight Suns New Character

Marvel Midnight Suns’ all-new character that the players will inhabit is The Hunter. Both in appearance and abilities, The Hunter is fully customizable, according to Firaxis. The goal is to have the players fully immerse themselves in the world. Also, instead of inhabiting an established superhero, they can create their superhero persona. Even though The Hunter has not featured in any comics before, Fraxis worked closely with Marvel to create the hero. The Hunter will make an exciting narrative development as Lilith’s child.

Marvel Midnight Sun Confirmed Runaways

To Marvel Midnight Suns’ plot, Nico Minoru from Marvels’ Runaways is one of the most important characters. At the start of the trailer show, we see her fusing the magic of the Staff of One with the spell by Dr. Strange to resurrect The Hunter. The Staff of One connects to blood magic, and Nico’s powers are mystical. With her powers, Nico can use telekinetic powers, teleport, and fly. In the comics, Nico’s weakness is that she cannot cast the same spell more than once using the Staff of One. The shortcoming adds a unique twist to the gameplay, and we cannot wait to see how it plays out in the game.

Marvel Midnight Sun Confirmed X-Men

Magik and Wolverine are the two X-Men shown in the game. Wolverine leaps from a car and plunges his claws into the enemy. Fraxis is yet to confirm which of the Wolverine’s versions will feature in the game. Magik uses Portal-Esque abilities, pushing enemies into stepping discs or teleportation holes. She does this so that the enemies can fall out of the sky. Wolverine is a fitting addition to the game due to her dark arts and interdimensional travel.

Marvel Midnight Sun Confirmed Midnight Sons   

Developer Firaxis confirms that Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider will feature in Marvel Midnight Suns. In the trailer, Robbie wields the iconic chains of fire as a circle of protection as the team raises The Hunter and attacks in combat. A possible nod to the character Doghead is seen at the end of the trailer when a dog transforms into a Ghost Rider-style hound. Blade (Eric Brooks) is seen in the trailer using guns and swords against Lilith’s minions. He is part of the Midnight Sons, even though he is primarily a vampire hunter in the comics. Initially, Blade, apart from having powers such as hypnotism and resistance to vampire bites, did not have any other superhuman abilities. But when the Living Vampire Morbius bit him, he gained speed, super strength, heightened senses, and agility. There are two villains named Lilith in Marvel Comics. One is the mother of all demons, and the other is Dracula’s daughter. Fraxis confirmed that Lilith, the mother of all demons, is the one in the game. Together with Lilith, her four most loyal children, she aims at achieving total world domination.

Marvel Midnight Sun Confirmed Avengers

Dr. Strange, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man are the four iconic Avengers heroes appearing prominently in the trailer. Dr. Strange, in this case, is the most critical Avenger as he uses his powers to raise The Hunter together with Nico Minoru. He is also in active combat against Lilith’s powers. Of all the four Avengers, Dr. Strange played a part in the original Midnight Sons comics. Marvel’s Midnight Suns trailer gave a hint that the Hydra faction could be behind the resurrection of Lilith. The symbol of Hydra, a skull with tentacles coming from it, is seen in several scenes. It appears on a stone near Lilith’s tomb or a flag in the background. Hydra as an organization aims at world domination, and its presence in the game adds additional conflict to the game’s characters. The game’s release window will be in March 2022, on most platforms such as Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. The first look at the actual gameplay is on 1st September 2021, on

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