10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mark Kozelek

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mark Kozelek

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mark Kozelek

Singers and songwriters often find themselves working in the land of producing, as well. It worked that way for Mark Kozelek, who is known for his indie-folk work in the music business. He’s part of the Sun Kil Moon act, as well as part of the Red House Painters. He’s recorded many albums, worked with many artists, and he’s well-known across the globe as a talented artist. However, there are many things about the artist we simply don’t know. Even his biggest fans aren’t aware of everything about the artist and his life so far.

1. He’s From Ohio

If you’ve never heard of a town called Massillon, know that it’s in Ohio. It’s not a well-known place for people who don’t live there, near there, or have family there, but it’s where Kozelek was born and raised. He hasn’t lived there in some time, but he spent enough of his childhood there to call it his hometown.

2. He’s Lived in Many Places

Since his life in Ohio, he’s lived many other places. He’s lived in Atlanta. That’s where he met his friend, drummer Anthony Koutsos. When they decided to start a band, they moved to San Francisco. He’s lived in some cool places, traveled to many more, and really learned to enjoy his life as a traveling artist.

3. He’s in His 50s

Kozelek was born and raised in Ohio in the 60s. His date of birth is January 24, 1967. We think that his childhood was probably a lot more enjoyable than many because he didn’t have to grow up with cell phones and all the social media that the next generation grew up with.

4. He’s Got A Controversial Reputation

Everyone does something a little controversial in life, but he’s taking controversial to the public level. This is a man who has had his fair share of irritations while performing. He’s called the crowd names at some of his shows; and not very flattering names, either. He’s called other bands names and used phrases that are not very kind. He’s mocked others with his lyrics.

5. He Has Issues with a Reporter

It was 2015 when a reporter wanted to do a story on him. Her name is Laura Snapes. She didn’t know that she was not permitted to speak to other people about him – only to him – and she reached out to those who know him for quotes and stories. He was not happy about that, so he sang about her at a concert and called her some ugly names, said she just wanted to sleep with him and have his babies, and so much more.

6. He’s Been Accused of Sexual Misconduct

In August of 2020, he was accused by multiple women in an article of sexual misconduct. He was accused of exposing himself to one woman, of potentially raping another, and of ‘blurring’ lines where a relationship was concerned with another. One accusation was that of non-consensual sex.

7. His 2020 Tour is Canceled

This isn’t shocking news considering the pandemic and the number of other artists who have all canceled their concerts, but Kozelek’s was not canceled due to the pandemic. His was canceled after women came forward accusing him of misconduct.

8. His Net Worth

Mark Kozelek has an estimated net worth of approximately $17 million as of 2019, according to Networth List. He’s earned his net worth working for decades in the music industry, producing, singing, writing, and performing.

9. He’s Got a Favorite Place in San Francisco

It’s a place called Swan’s Oyster Depot. He once told Phoebe Bridgers that this place is a place his friend calls his office because he spends so much time there. He also loves an Italian place called Tommaso’s. He has a lot of favorites, each one unique in the cuisine offered on the menu. However, it’s also important to note that his favorite food is in a very specific country; Korea.

10. He’s Got Rider Requests

Anyone who knows anything about celebrities knows that they get to use something called a rider, which is essentially a portion of their contract that includes very specific requests. Kozelek has requests on his that reflect his age and dietary needs so that he’s not in a situation where he doesn’t have what he needs or wants to maintain good health. He asks for things like sardines – but only the ones that are good quality – and avocados so that he doesn’t find himself up in the middle of the night eating things that aren’t good for him and his diet.

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