Many French Women Disagree with the #metoo Movement

In terms of the #MeToo movement I can’t help but agree with French women on a few aspects. It might seem contradictory to all I’ve said but when those that belong to a country that views sex and relationships in a very different light from the USA state the #MeToo movement is an open witch hunt I tend to agree a bit. They have their own views on the matter and see those American women that have come forth to condemn their accusers as spoiled brats more than anything, and also have seen fit to state that such women are not raising themselves up by leveling accusations but tearing themselves down and maintaining the role of the victim by continually seeking out and condemning those that do wrong.

It will never cross my lips that the women that have come forth are wrong for doing so, far from it. But the fires that have been burning since last year however are still smoldering and threatening to go higher as American women seem content to pour on the fuel. Those that are found guilty should be punished without a doubt, but there is still the problem of what we are not being told. It is far too easy to blame a man for his advances, wrong as they might be, but there is not always purity and innocence on the other side of the equation. One thing French women seem to indicate is that for every advance by a man there is something that has likely happened that has indicated to him that this type of behavior would be okay. There are two sides to every story and unfortunately for some if those stories were to come out I do happen to think that public opinion might shift just a bit, not in a monumental way but just enough that the victims would be seen in a very different light.

Would this be just? I don’t really think it would be it would be a more truthful story than we’ve heard already. That we’ve gotten the worst part of it is bad enough, and calls for action that needs to be handed down from the proper authorities. But getting the whole story needs to be a priority, for those seeking to obtain it and those that need to tell it in order to get everything laid out on the table. The trouble is that no female accuser would ever deign to say that she’d teased anyone on or off the set to make herself seem a little more appealing, or to get the role she wanted, or to make it seem as though she might be worth the effort of casting. It’s no excuse for the men that have taken advantage, not at all, but it is an ugly part of the story that likely never gets told. It’s a very unfortunate thought that has crossed the mind of many a person, but in this case it is also a defensive thought that can be linked to the idea that men are being forced to dance from one foot to the other in terms of how to treat women these days.

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