Making the Case for LeVar Burton to Be the Permanent Jeopardy Host

It definitely sounds fair to say that fans are wanting to see LeVar Burton take on the permanent hosting position for Jeopardy! but are getting a little bummed out since so far there’s a plan to put a few guest stars at the podium but the permanent appointment decision hasn’t been reached. In fact, it sounds as though this isn’t going to happen until spring, which makes it easy to think that fans are going to be doing and saying everything they can to sway the decision in Burton’s favor, even if that’s not bound be quite enough since like it or not, those in charge of the selection are in no hurry. Some think that those in charge might be saving Burton’s name until last, but that still feels like a long shot since when naming Bill Whitaker, Mayim Bialik, Aaron Rodgers, and Katie Couric as temporary hosts one might think that LeVar’s name would come up in casual conversation at least, but it doesn’t sound as though such a thing has happened just yet. People might have to accept at one point that he’s either not being considered for the spot or that the network is trying to find someone that they can agree with and can believe is going to take the show forward.

Picking LeVar would make a lot of sense considering that he’s a very personable human being and has been entertaining people for a long time. His time on Reading Rainbow has made it clear that he could take on the job and be one of the best possible hosts ever since he knows how to talk to people, he knows how to react to different situations, and it is a belief that he could keep things moving forward and keep them fun while at the same time keeping the integrity of the show as a priority. Without offense to the other picks, LeVar is the kind of person that people actually want to listen to since he’s engaging and not too challenging while at the same time he can stand up there and appease the people in a number of ways just with a few looks and his overall personality. It does need to be said so I’ll say it, no one can replace Trebek, EVER. Alex Trebek was the kind of guy that didn’t crack wise all the time and wasn’t a patronizing individual, but he did keep the show on the level for a very long time, and he was the kind of show host that was all business and yet still had a personality that people enjoyed since he was straight to the point and didn’t really deviate that much.

LeVar’s style is definitely different and it would take some getting used to for some people without a doubt, but it does sound as though a lot of people are more than willing to see how it will go and whether or not he can take the mantle and run with it. The loss of Trebek is still hitting a lot of people pretty hard since when it comes to game show hosts there have only been a handful of greats that people really choose to remember, and Trebek was one of those that people were hoping could stick around for a while to come. But fate is a fickle thing as we’ve learned over the years, and his passing was one loss that people weren’t ready for, even if they knew it was coming at one point or another. He’d been doing fairly well for a while as he was fighting cancer that finally took him, but sometimes all the fighting in the world only makes the moment last a little longer, and Trebek, as much of a fighter as he was, did leave us as many knew he would. It’s easy to sit here and lament his loss, but it’s better to remember his life and his time on the show and remember that he kept looking forward, much as he would likely want everyone to. There’s work to be done after all, and the show must go on. The fact that so many people were invested in him is impressive, and there’s no doubt that the many fans he gained will remember him for a long time to come. But the show needs to continue, and in order to do so, it needs someone to stand at the helm and be the face as Trebek was for so long.

The people have spoken obviously and they want LeVar Burton, and while his name has not come up yet, there’s still plenty of hope that it will happen, and that he’ll prove that he’s the guy that’s needed at this time. He’s ready, he’s willing, and it’s time to put him where he needs to be.


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