MacGyver Review: Mattie’s Trust Is Not Enough


On the latest MacGyver, Riley and Mac gain an unusually high level of security clearance for a highly classified mission. That kind of clearance is meant to be used just for the case, as Mattie would never have trusted them with it otherwise. Given the level of respect Phoenix has for their boss, they wouldn’t dare betray that level of trust. Unless of course, Mattie was hiding something that affected MacGyver’s entire life.

Mac and Riley are pulled into retrieve an unknown object that fell from the sky. Because even the government is stunned, the immediate thought is that it’s something extraterrestrial. With this fear comes a greater sense of urgency, so Mattie gives Mac and Riley her level of security clearance. The good news is that these two are more level-headed than Jack, so any dreams of examining an extraterrestrial object go by the wayside in favor of logic. Mac and Riley quickly realize that their “ET” is something man-made, especially when a bunch of armed mercenaries come to take it back. Not intent on letting that happen, and even more intent on saving the doctor they were working with from a bullet wound, Mac and Riley trek through the desert to get to Area 51. Except that Area 51 is no longer Area 51. It has been pretty much abandoned. It would have been nice if they used their security clearance to look into that before hiking through the desert, but live and learn.

The weird sphere Mac and Riley risk their lives to transport is actually a sophisticated missile made by China. That kind of sophisticated weapon is not good in the wrong hands, so Mac decides to give it back. He just didn’t say how he planned to deliver the missile. All he really did was deliver a concussive bomb with the fancy coating to cover it up, thereby keeping the missile for himself and saving the doc. Bonus: Jack finally got to visit Area 51 too! Should we be concerned that he takes the plastic alien with him everywhere he goes for the next few days? Probably not. There are more pressing concerns.

Riley becomes so concerned throughout the case about Mac’s state of mind, she uses her higher clearance to look into Mattie’s secrets. Specifically, she wants to know the real connection between Mattie and MacGyver’s father. She’s not the only one. Mattie makes Jack hang back on this mission to question him about breaking into her private safe. Jack’s been in trouble before, but he really stepped in it this time. Mattie is 100% trustworthy. She has proven that she has her team’s back no matter what, that she trusts them completely. She also says outright that everything she does is for the good of her family, even the secrets she keeps. We can trust her on that. It is completely believable. It’s just not enough this time. The rest of Phoenix is no longer okay with not knowing the truth. What is on the file Riley copied will change the course of MacGyver’s life. But will there be a way back for him and Mattie?

Should Mac trust that Mattie has a good reason for what she does, or is knowing the full truth better?

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