Lucifer: Lt. Pierce Returns to Work, Angel School and Hello there, Sinnerman!


Just when you think you have the answers that you want, it escapes from your grasp. On tonight’s episode of Lucifer, the Devil comes face to face with the Sinnerman. Will he finally get his answers or will it be a long journey ahead?

I knew the moment that Joey Pileggi came into LUX to talk to Lucifer that he’s going to meet a grisly end. Sure enough, the young man ends up dead in his home. It is the way of all crime dramas. Well, the ones that I have watched over the years, anyway. The character in the opening scene either dies a horrible death or witnesses a horrendous death. Frieda, another victim and one of Lucifer’s favors, died from gunshots like Joey but the killer hung her from the ceiling with her hair after she died.

It turns out that the two victims were a trap. The Sinnerman (played by Kevin Carroll) lures the Devil to an abandoned slaughterhouse and imprisons him inside the freezer. Kudos to him for using a foot of reinforced steel to ensure that Lucifer doesn’t escape, but how did he know about his desire schtick? His newly returned wings and missing Devil face? Or that a thick layer of steel will guarantee his entrapment? Perhaps the upcoming mid-season finale will provide answers for us both, hmm, Luci-boy?

I give Charlotte Richards major kudos this episode for trying to help apprehend the Sinnerman. Yes, she screwed up in the process, but at least she is trying to do good. The scene where Detective Espinoza comforts her as she cries in the bathroom stall of the men’s room is lovely. Maybe these two will get back together now that Charlotte is not Mama Morningstar anymore?

Speaking of getting together, Amenadiel and Dr. Martin are apparently a thing. The two shared a kiss or two as they established their newfound friendship. Maze, of course, is none too happy about it. The demoness tried to talk to Lucifer about it, and I have a feeling that she is still “hot for angel” as the Devil so aptly phrased it. Good thing that the therapist and angel will remain friends and not let it transpire into something more. Right?

Back to the case, the lieutenant opens up to Detective Decker about his connection to the Sinnerman. The detective, in turn, tells her boss that she wants a personal day to grieve the death of her father. The emotional moment between the two makes my Deckerstar senses tingle. I know that Deckerstar is the end game, but this potential love triangle is going to put their feelings to the test.

When the episode ended, I thought that Lucifer would get his chance at finding out what the Sinnerman desires. He didn’t get said chance, unfortunately as the Sinnerman stabbed himself blind with a sharp object. The guy must be desperate to hide his real motives from the Devil if he’s willing to blind himself permanently.

Final Thoughts:

I laughed when Maze closed the freezer door on Lucifer so that he could listen to her. I love you, Maze!

The scene where Lucifer joked about going to Angel School and said that Heaven is like Hogwarts was hilarious. Though if Lucifer were to be sorted into one of the Houses, he would be Slytherin because of the snake/apple thing. Detective Decker would be in Gryffindor because why not?

The Ellen/Devil comparison was ingenious. Granted these two does not share the same qualities but it was inventive nonetheless. I have to agree with Lucifer though; he is most certainly not Ellen DeGeneres.

I felt sorry for Lucifer as he once again missed to save Detective Decker from danger. Though technically she is unharmed the fallen angel freaked out anyway when he heard gunshots over the phone.

The Lucifer mid-season finale is next Monday, December 11. The show will return on January 1, 2018. Photo via FOX

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