Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Partings-Recap

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Partings-Recap
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episode 5 Review - "Partings" -  IGN

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The war is getting closer, and signs of it are showing as the humans of Numenor are making preparations to push forward toward Middle Earth in order to combat the threat that Galadriel has been telling them about. Whether they’re ready or not is hard to say since there are still plenty of people in Numenor that don’t appear ready to trust Galadriel’s word and would much rather mind their own business and not worry about impending doom. At the very least, the queen has rallied her forces, and by the end of the episode, they manage to set sail, despite an attempt at sabotage that does manage to destroy one ship. In the meantime, it would appear that the troops needed a little reminding of who Galadriel is and why she’s worth listening to when it comes to training. The spectacle she created by taking on four soldiers who were admittedly a little green was kind of fun since it looked like she was having a good time while she was teaching. 

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There isn’t a lot of faith left in humanity, or so it would appear. 

The fact that the people who made their way to the tower are now willing to split after hearing that Adar only wants them to surrender is kind of saddening since it means that humanity isn’t much different in the fantasy world since the humans that made it to what they thought was safety are already losing hope. The news that Arondir brought wasn’t meant to be divisive in nature, but it had the effect of making people fear what was to come, and some of them willing to side with their aggressors in the hope that they’ll show some type of mercy. Unfortunately, the only mercy that’s bound to be shown is a quick death without too much pain. As for those who remain, hope is becoming a very fragile thing

The Harfoot arc is getting even more interesting. 

So far, the Stranger hasn’t done much except to make it clear that the Harfoot clan doesn’t know if they can trust him, even if he’s been allowed to stick around. After defending the family he’s traveling with from a trio of wargs, it would appear that they’re able to at least consider him useful. Plus, he can push the cart, so that’s another big help. But when his power is revealed yet again, it becomes a reason to be wary about him yet again, especially when Poppy is touched by the icy cold spell that he uses to heal himself. If that were all that appeared to be happening, it might be easy enough to explain away, especially after a bit of time has been spent trying to understand the Stranger once again. But the strange cult that is on the Stranger’s trail now is another concern that has to be taken into account since they don’t look particularly friendly, and it’s fair to think that they might not be inclined to care much about the Harfoot group. Appearances can be deceiving, to be fair, but so far, appearances are rather accurate in this series so far. 

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credit: Rings of Power

There are plenty of questions moving forward. 

There’s a lot to unpack in this series still, and it’s bound to be that way until more people start to reveal themselves. The cult that’s following the Stranger has yet to be identified unless the superfans have already figured it out. The Stranger still needs to be sorted out, the mess with Adar and his people needs to be understood, and many other things need to be explained fully in order to really know what’s going on with this story. As of now, it’s highly entertaining but does require a person to pay attention to what’s going on in order to know what might be coming next. A few of the arcs are easy enough to map out and even guess at, but there are a couple that remains vague on purpose, or so it would appear. In the weeks to come, though, it’s fair to think that things will continue to pick up. 

The series makes one wonder how far things are going to be taken 

It would be great to see this series go all the way to the beginning of the Lord of the Rings, meaning it could lead up to the initial war that kicked everything off when Sauron was finally vanquished, and the one ring was lost for a while. It might be fitting to see Isildur’s end played out on Prime, but it’s not known how far this show will go yet, or if it’s been stated, it might have already been forgotten. No matter how far it goes though, this has been a fun look into the past of Tolkien’s world. 

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