Loki: “The Variant” Recap

If the first episode was confusing and left people wondering what in the heck was going on, the second episode is set to unravel at least a couple of answers, but leave a few more questions in place that many people are likely poring over right now as they attempt to find each and every Easter egg that might be hiding in plain sight and those that might be cleverly hidden. First, it has to be mentioned since it’s right there in front of us, Josta Juice. The brand was started up and discontinued in the 90s despite the efforts of people to bring it back, but apparently Mobius has quite a thing for Josta since it’s been seen in his possession for the past couple of episodes now. It’s a small thing, but it’s one of the many small things that no doubt make up the big thing that has been happening with the Loki variant that Loki and the TVA are attempting to catch. And yes, if you’re wondering, there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet it might be a wise thing to do before moving on. There are a few things that have changed the game up quite a bit. 

One of those is that Loki’s behavior has become a little too chipper and eager to please, something that he would have detested in others earlier on in his time in the MCU. Some would no doubt see this as a ploy, albeit a very annoying one, while others might see it as Loki trying to make himself useful to serve another purpose. Let’s just put it this way, everything Loki does and says is usually part of a bigger con since he’s one of those that loves to play the long game. But at this point, the TVA, especially Ravonna, doesn’t appear to be as trustworthy as it might appear. There’s not a lot of doubt that many within the TVA are just as they appear to be, but something about Ravonna feels a bit off, as though she’s hiding a bit too much to be easy to believe. On top of that, Mobius appears to be the kind of guy that can be trusted but is also way too trusting of others. 

That brings us back to Loki since at this point the rest of the TVA Minutemen are being tossed about like broken toys as the variant Loki dismantles and uses them at leisure, causing one of them to turn on her own companions before absconding with her to another timeline. It’s also interesting to note how Loki and Mobius, upon going through one natural disaster after another, detail horrific catastrophes that might be a bit prophetic given that they’re seen to occur on dates that haven’t happened yet and are pretty closely linked to climate change. If this is a woke attempt by the MCU, and by extent Disney, then it’s bound to cause a few people to bristle, but otherwise it’s an interesting addition to the story since Ragnarok, which has been slapped in Loki’s face a couple of times now, appears to be just one of the many calamities that have occurred within the TVA’s notice. 

But narrowing down the search to the site to Alabama, where a hurricane is slated to hit at any moment, is kind of interesting since Loki has to be feeling at least some connection at this point, even if he apparently can’t pinpoint the variant as much as he thinks he can. It’s evident really since he knows himself well enough to think of where he might hide in time, but he can’t really anticipate the variant, largely because, as revealed, the variant doesn’t want what he wants. There’s such a huge metaphysical spin coming no doubt that it’s already making my head hurt, but still, like others, I’m intrigued to discover more. The fact that the variant is a woman and can possess others with a touch or a thought is insane, but that she found a way to send various devices back across the timeline to affect the Sacred Timeline is even more jarring. 

Now one has to wonder just badly the variant truly messed up the Sacred Timeline and why, since her motives are obviously different from her male counterpart’s. On one hand, it’s nice to see Loki humbled a bit, but on the other, it’s unnerving to think that there might be someone more driven to mayhem and less likely to play games with his intellect and guile out there. This variant has come to do more than play about and seek out the dubious goal of overthrowing the TVA. But what her goal is at this moment is hard to say. All we do know is that she doesn’t appear to care much about the male Loki, or his schemes. 

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