Live-Action Legend of Korra TV Show Reportedly Coming to Netflix

Live-Action Legend of Korra TV Show Reportedly Coming to Netflix

Pirzan Turel of We Got This Covered is pretty accurate in saying that anything having to do with Avatar at this point is still living in the shadow of the movie that divided a lot of fans and was underwhelming to a lot of people since they expected something entirely groundbreaking and beyond their imagination. But hearing The Legend of Korra is apparently coming to Netflix as a live action series might help to placate a lot of folks since it could be the balm that’s needed for this story. Whether it will work is unknown yet since nothing has been set in motion but the idea is that once it’s all ready to go Netflix will be doing what it can to bring the best possible experience to the fans and to do as much as they can in order to make this show something worthy of the overall idea. Getting people to forget or at least forgive a lot of what happened in the movie and possibly to move on from it will be one of the biggest accomplishments, but after that it will be to get people on board with the idea that the show could work and could be a great representation of this story moving forward.

For a tale that’s known to so many people one could argue that The Legend of Korra and Avatar in general hasn’t really made its way into pop culture on the same level as many other stories have, though a lot of fans might argue as to its popularity and current standing. Like it or not though, unless someone’s well aware of Avatar: The Last Airbender or anything to do with this franchise it’s likely that they’ll end up thinking of James Cameron’s movie since the term Avatar has been so widely used in the theaters and throughout pop culture when it comes to Cameron’s contribution. Those that know The Legend of Korra well and have thus far enjoyed it fully are no doubt looking forward to this chance to see one of their favorite sagas in live action, but it is going to be a while since there are few if any real details on the production side of this project just yet, as the mere announcement is all we’re getting at this time. Nick Romano of Entertainment Weekly had more to say on this. Once it’s allowable to let more and more people go back to work however one can only imagine all the projects that are going to be emerging in the next few years to come as studios attempt to catch up with everything they’ve been planning. It’s likely that a few projects might get changed or even dropped along the way since the frenzy to push everything is going to be a bit insane at first and might even take a fairly heavy toll on those that are producing the movies and shows that are currently being looked at for production. But the hope of many is that something like this show will be seen as a priority and that it will be handled in a way that will appease the fans and add yet another engaging series to Netflix.

Korra is an interesting character just because of her power set, considering that she can bend air, water, earth, and fire, and is one of the more powerful characters in the story. A lot of people might still look at Aang as one of the more well-known characters, but Korra has certainly won over a good number of fans in her time and it’s interesting to think who will be cast in her role. It’s also enough to think that if it’s not the right person or someone that is non-white that some fans are going to throw an absolute fit if only because they were expecting the story to stay as true to the source as possible. Given Neflix’s track record at creating live action series it’s not entirely easy to say that they’ll be one hundred percent accurate or if the selected director will want to give their own take on how things are and should be, but fans are likely going to be anticipating the series all the same. There are plenty of factors to take in such as budget concerns and what safety measures are going to be like when it comes time to get back to work again, meaning that getting the content right will still be important but it will be secondary to making sure that everyone is staying safe and that protocols are being followed to keep it that way. It feels safe to say that filming is going to be quite different for a while and that the entertainment industry will be experiencing a number of changes when they return to work, whenever that might be.

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