If You Like “Stranger Things,” You Need to See “Channel Zero”

If You Like “Stranger Things,” You Need to See “Channel Zero”

If You Like “Stranger Things,” You Need to See “Channel Zero”

Are you a fan of the show “Stranger Things?” If so, there is another series that you’re likely to enjoy as well. “Channel Zero” is in its second season and it follows along in the horror genre with six episodes per season. The series kicked off with its season premiere on September 20th on the Syfy network. If you haven’t tuned in yet, here is everything that you need to know that may inspire you to give it a try.

What it’s about?

Most towns have their own urban legends and “Channel Zero” is all about the subject. The fist season deals with a town that was haunted by a tv program. It took a surreal approach to horror complete with pirates invading the small town and rendering the same effect as the child of “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Twin Peaks” would deliver. The second season is called “No End House.” All the episodes follow a singular premise under the title and it deals with teenagers who visit a haunted attraction that features a myriad of rooms that become more and more terrifying as they move from one to the other.

Is it really scary?

Viewers and critics have given this show a thumbs up for being authentically frightening. It has even been suggested that the episodes would have made an amazing film. The teens are just out for a few cheap thrills and scares and as they enter No End House, they have no idea what kind of nightmare they’re getting themselves into. One of the best things about the show is that it lasts for a full hour. There is also a psychological component as the fear invades the psyche of each of the teens and gives them each their own private lessons in fear and horror.

Nothing stays the same

In No End House the landscape is constantly changing and it’s not really clear how much of the strangeness is psychological or in the imagination, or how much of it is supernatural and really happening. The plot is definitely terror, but it’s not cut and dried exactly what is happening at each new experience. It’s kind of fun to draw your own conclusions, that is if you’re not too scared to think straight. It seems that this house of horrors truly has no end. It didn’t look this large when the kids first entered inside. It makes the Winchester House look like a doll house in comparison.


Actress Amy Forsyth stars in the lead role of Margot, a college student. She doesn’t really believe in the supernatural and it was at her suggestion that the teens entered the spooky structure. She and her father are given the most press in the show. Jules is her friend who has suffered great loss in her life. They are joined on the adventure by J.D, Seth and then we see the drifter who is one of the most mysterious characters on the show.

Comparable to “Stranger Things”

“Channel Zero” has been likened to the oddness found in “Stranger Things,” but the brilliance of the structured events take it out of the same category and add extra elements of terror along with a real mind trip and just as the characters have difficulty discerning truth from reality, so do the viewers. The show is a lot like “Stranger Things” on steroids and if you haven’t see it yet, we recommend that you give it a try.

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